Zuby – Britains Kanye West Destroys Identity Politics

by TR News

Living in a regressive woke period of human history, we look at relevant antidotes to progressive insanity. Zuby – Britains Kanye West Destroys Identity Politics.

Wretched Wokeism

Woke partisan leftists have pushed the culture war too far left, even the most liberal of liberals are way far to the right of the progressive regressive leftists.

The infiltration and the domination of schools, colleges and universities by very left-leaning teachers, tutors and professors have resulted in children being exposed to indoctrinative cultural Marxism coupled with a poisonous mix of post-modernism. This “blend” of educational reformers have produced probably the most ill equipped useless generations our educational systems have churned out in recent history.

The woke generation of identitarian race baiting Neo Marxist ideologues are leaving further education with “qualifications” not worth the paper they are written on. The woke generation are emotionally immature, unable, unwilling and hostile to accept any world view that questions their own and to top it off, they are laden with debt and many cannot find a job because of their indoctrinated psychosis and lack of any “real world” qualifications. Theres not much to gain career wise with a qualification in feminist lesbian dance or racist white supremacist math or the evils of patriarchy for example.

Zuby - An Antidote To Wokeism

Zuby – An Antidote To Wokeism

Victims Of Identity Politics

White woke liberals are perhaps the most racist people of all, second to the hitlarian and white supremacist types. The white woke liberals of today are pontificating propagandists of identitarian group think, they are the purveyors of identity politics.

The real victims of identity politics are the very people white woke liberals supposedly defend. Black people (sorry people of colour) are automatically registered to the church of wokeism, that is until they display or vocalise a contrary opinion that deviates from wokeist “rightisms” in which case they become apostates.

Zuby is a black lad born in England but raised in Saudi Arabia, he’s also the first black Oxford graduated re-transgrendered womens deadlift record holder to visit the White House.

Suffice to say Zuby is a free-thinking, non-conforming, anti-woke realist who has dared to defy the conventions of acceptable speech, the dictates of regressive progressives, and stuck his fingers up to the absurdity of the transgender agenda.

Zuby is on course to launching himself on the national and international scene in a big way, deservedly so. Before we heap any more praise on Zuby for him daring to fight the bigotry of low expectations as well as the awful characterisations of racist woke leftists, we must apologise. Simply acknowledging Zuby and pubishing an article about him here on TR.News will undoubtedly feed the degenerate Neo Marxist monsters keen on defaming him, that is not our intention.

We wish Zuby all the very best sucess in his future endeavours, he is a breath of fresh air. He is a man prepared to call out wokeism for what it is, a force of division and destruction, which makes him a unifiying and positive force for good, for common sense, and for the counter culture.

Zuby can be Britains very own Kanye West.

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