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Labour MP Yvette Cooper an ardent REMAINER spread gossipy and unsubstantiated lies about Tommy Robinson supporters and the “Far-Right” while people in her constituency demonstrate against her.

Yvette Cooper has done everything she possibly can to stifle, delay and work against the referendum result, she is not one who believes the will of the people.

Her arrogance is undeniable; she knows better than her constituents; she does not care for their wishes or their democratic will.

She has pontificated about “doing the right thing for constituents”, apparently that also means completely ignoring them, that’s not representational by any means.


Yvette Cooper has a constituency that voted 70-30 per cent in favour of LEAVING the European Union, putting her at odds with those who voted for her. Yvette is absolutely against a No-Deal Brexit, even though the British public only voted for OUT, we did not vote for a deal.

Yvette’s betrayal has not gone unnoticed, a petition to have her de-selected from her constituency has gained over 35,000 signatures as you can see HERE.

Yvette is under intense pressure, and so she should be, the arrogance of MP’s have no bounds it would seem.


The former shadow Home Secretary accused the Leave Campaign of “twisting and distorting” the truth.

She is also on record saying:

“Watch what happens over time to Boris Johnson’s reputation, the way he ignores the truth, and think he can have any kind of authority. How could you have someone like that as a prime minister? Someone who is happy to rip up the facts and talk up complete fiction for his own personal interests. In the end, people will see through that.”

Referring to Boris Johnson and Michael Gove she said:

“They know this, they are not stupid, but they are deliberately misleading and manipulating the facts, deliberately telling lies.
I don’t know how they live with themselves, manipulating and telling lies in this way, they know what they are doing.
I don’t know what their conscience is saying to them but they should really think hard about the way they are twisting and distorting this.”

Ironic isn’t it how duplicitous MP’s can be, that’s why we like to call them out on their hypocrisy and their lies.

Now it’s time for Yvette to eat a MASSIVE humble pie!

A recent demonstration against Yvette Cooper, calling her out on her Anti-Brexit and No-Deal stance went down well with the people of Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford.

How could she possibly counter the positive message of holding an MP to account?

By LYING through her teeth, then posting the lie all over Twitter as you can see HERE.

So some Tommy Robinson supporters called for her to “apparently get burnt”. Well, they either did, or they didn’t there’s nothing “apparent” about it, only something definitive.

The video above shows a Tommy Robinson supporter engaging politely with someone from the Communist Party; both men could not be further apart ideologically so one would expect heated words, but no, just civility and open and honest debate. Maybe he wasn’t “far-right” Yvette?

A Twitter account named “leavers of Wakefield” hit back at Yvette’s claim stating they organised the demonstration and there were no “far-right” in attendance, neither was Tommy Robinson. They also satirised any insinuation of violence or terror at the event which you can see HERE.


There are several videos online that documented the demonstration; it might just be worth challenging Yvette to prove her accusation.

In times of difficulty, left-wing politicians dream up a fantastical story, play the perpetual victim and hope to gain political ground based on what? A complete fabrication it would seem.

There is a currency in being a victim; it’s just that when real victims do speak out, they get questioned about their authenticity, only because of the likes of Yvette!


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