YouTube takes a stance on unnecessary censorship and defends its decision to allow Tommy Robinson usage

by TR News

YouTube has taken a stance on it’s approach to free speech and censorship by defending the decision to not ban Tommy Robinson from using their platform.

In a huge move that gives a degree of hope for advocates of free speech all over the world, Google said the content available on its site fundamentally differed from the material that led to him being banned from other platforms.

All this comes after Labour Deputy Leader Tom Watson wrote a letter to Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, outrageously claiming that it is “quite clear from the comments threads on stories documenting this decision, Yaxley-Lennon supporters are transferring over their virulent hate to YouTube”

He wrote: “I am now writing to implore you as a matter of utmost urgency to follow the lead that has been, belatedly, set by Facebook, and remove forthwith all ‘Tommy Robinson’ and related pages from your YouTube platform.”

Commenting on Sunday via YouTube Tommy said: “My account has zero community strikes, and zero copyright strikes. I’ve done nothing and said nothing wrong.”

Last week Facebook banned Robinson along with dozens of UKIP activists including the founder of the news website Politicalite.

YouTube is now the only form of communication that Tommy can use to speak to his followers who are ordinary working-class people who feel they have been left behind by the Establishment and Labour under Jeremy Corbyn.

Many people were outraged by the attempt of the Labour Deputy Leader to try and silence somebody who simply has an opposing view to himself, accusing him of trying to wield political power and influence ignoring fact, substance and the rights and freedoms of the people.

The decision appears to have been welcomed by the vast majority, with many commenting on the fact there have been no breaches of policy and therefore no case to answer.

Talking to TR News Tommy said:

Deputy Labour Leader Tom Watson should not allow his emotions to get in the way of his political responsibilities, which are not to attempt to suffocate anybody who vehemently disagrees with your views.

He went on to say:

I am satisfied at the decision, however, I am still absolutely mortified at how a politician can brazenly take an action so unjustified and baseless without facts or substance to accompany their case, shocking


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