YouTube DEMONETIZE Dave Rubin and Avi Yemini interview

by Avi Yemini

Dave Rubin took to Twitter after his Avi Yemini interview was demonetized without explanation. In his Tweet, Rubin asks YouTube why the conversation was demonetized and if Jim Jefferies or Comedy Central had anything to do with it.

YouTube responded to the tweet saying “checking on this!”.

Frustrated Twitter followers of Mr Rubin answered YouTube. One saying, “probably just another “accident” that always happens to people not toeing the far left line for some reason.”

“I look forward to hearing your useless feedback…”, another one added.

YouTube did not update Dave Rubin’s thread further.

In other news, Lauren Chen hosted Avi Yemini on her Blaze TV show.

Let’s see if Chen’s video remains monetized.


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