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A contribution from Sandy – “a retired hack and hairy old Scotsman”.

There’s a great old Clint Eastwood movie called Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, where Clint is worldly wise and a young Jeff Bridges is a naive apprentice to his rascality. There’s a scene where they’re strolling along and Bridges is so engrossed in the conversation that he has to be warned not to step in dogshit. A review (in Rolling Stone, I believe) said Eastwood is the sort of man who always sees the dogshit coming and is sensible enough to avoid it. We shall return to this point later…

Awhile back Tommy pleaded with those who use the bot chats not to feed the trolls. Opposing opinions are fine, but trolls are different. They are just as unwelcome as those racists who want a 100% white Britain. Those of us who’ve been here awhile discovered that they do not want discussion, they want a reply – ANY reply – which enables them to pollute the threads with gaslighting and insane lies. Not one appears to use their real name and some hide behind VPNs, such is their lack of conviction that their statements are not loathsome or criminal.

There’s a selection and they often flip usernames. Sophia Loren aka Sophia L aka Ella the Shill; her slave Zulema the Moor Queen aka Zulema Zahir aka Coco Chanel No 5; myrmidons Andy Plaice, Skid Diggler, Ashtech…et al. They refuse to accept that Tommy having numerous friends and supporters of all ethnicities and faiths, and even a black Goddaughter, has any bearing on the unsustainable contention that he’s waaaycist.

The first named (who prompted Tommy to request we not feed the trolls) commented that white grooming victims were “slags” who were “fucked by Pakis for £1 a time” who must have “arseholes wide as wizard’s sleeves”. The comment was later removed though s/he initially denied it while it was STILL VISIBLE. S/he/it also tried to get information on a grooming victim while pretending to help her. This and other screenshotted posts were reported to the police who confirmed at least one comment was “hate speech” while others were likely criminal offences such as malicious communication. If anyone knows the identity of the person Sophia (NOT Zspeculation, fact only) please inform DS Nic Caiger at Charing Cross Police Station.

There is zero logic from these semi literate people, so there’s zero logic in attempting a debate with them. For example, it was pointed out the other day that on the Islamic Facebook page of 5Pillars it was correctly stated that Tommy supported Muslim parents over LGBTQ lessons. The aforementioned criminal troll asked for a link. It refused to accept a Google suggestion for locating it. Someone then posted a link. The troll said the link didn’t work, despite others on the thread having no issues with it. Someone helpfully gave a link to Tommy’s Hearts of Oak speech where he said the same thing. The response was that the speech proved us wrong….coupled with the usual meaningless string of “AHAHAHA”s and a complaint that the link to 5Pillars wasn’t a link to the speech. These trolls either cannot follow simple English or they act that way deliberately, which is textbook troll behaviour.

There is NO possibility of rational debate with these people who can argue 2 + 2 = 5. Thankfully fewer and fewer of us bother with them, hence they have recently brought in fake TR fans to argue with. They had someone pretending to be Tommy so they could *fight* with him the other day. When users chat about cultural stuff such as literature or film they are silent, presumably due to profound ignorance on such matters.

They also have upped the nastiness. I have been told I was never a journalist and that it’s impossible to find my details online (despite the fact everyone else can) ,that I masturbate over pictures of my daughters (despite having none), that I sexually abused a 3 year old, that I’m into little boys, that I have been in a mental hospital, that I was abused by my late father, and so on. When I made the mistake of pointing out I hate paedophiles because I was approached by them as I boy, the retort was that must have turned me into a “paedo”. This kind of drivel, I would posit, says a lot more about them than it does about me.

The worst, though, are the suggestion to women that “we know where you live” and that their children may be attacked with acid in the face, and statements that their houses are under surveillance.

I know Telegram supports free speech, but I was shocked when the Metropolitan Police told me they WOULD proceed but the company being outside Britain will not honour their warrants for information on criminal users.

I could go on and on for thousands of words repeating the many absurd things these people have done, but there’s little point in that.

The only option for intelligent users here is to totally ignore these trolls. All they want are replies and at least one admitted he says anything that pops into what passes for his prefrontal cortex to “reel” folk in. Why on earth would anyone continue to talk to them? You may think by either pointing out the truth or yelling obscenities at them you are schooling them – in truth the instant you click reply you let them win.

Be like Mr Eastwood – see the dog poop in your path, step over it, and don’t get the stench on you.

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