Wright Or Wrong Or Just Plain Lazy?

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The Wrong Stuff

Matthew Wright, former presenter of “The Wright Stuff”, chipped in on Twitter to proclaim his virtuous unobtainable morality just like any TV/Radio presenting “celebrity”. Is he wright or wrong or just plain lazy?

The Virtues Of Blue Badge Celebrity

Having the blue badge against your name on Twitter is empowering and self-aggrandising for some, to others it just means a follow and perhaps a little bit of attention with some supposedly “famous” person on the internet.

Blue badge celebrities, the rich, the famous, the impossibly egotistical far-removed from reality types, tend to think they know better than most. Blue badge celebs sometimes think they are better educated and more worldly than most, that they are above the dregs of the working-class types, you know, the ones who have to really work for a living?

Talk Show Host Replaced With Jeremy Vine

People may or may not have heard of Matthew Wright; he used to present “The Wright Stuff” on that unbelievably modern and popular terrestrial TV station, Channel 5. Yesterday he replied to a tweet from someone who supports Tommy Robinson. Here is his tweet:

Matthew Wright's Libellous Accusation

Matthew Wright’s Libellous Accusation

Just to be absolutely clear on this, Matthew Wright, a failed Channel 5 TV presenter, poured scorn on a woman who he had an online political disagreement with. In doing so, he implicated Tommy Robinson as a “wife-beater” and a “drug dealer” with ZERO EVIDENCE to support his claim. Now we understand why blue badge marks can be useful, the Twitter account is genuine and “verified”; therefore, it was definitely his Tweet.

Left-wing “Channel 5 celebrities” like Matthew are, by their very nature, slovenly, lazy and unjournalistic types. They are the type of people who are so virtuous it does not matter if they quote any fake-news narratives or “publications” that libel and slander a mans character.

On August the 4th 2018 another “slovenly, lazy, unjournalistic” contributor to the Times newspaper wrote an article titled “We can’t ignore cult of Tommy Robinson”. The article mentioned that Tommy Robinson “beat” his girlfriend (his wife now), you try and find that article anywhere on the net with that allegation. You won’t find it because when it got published, Tommy had a massive social media platform, he immediately threatened to sue the Times newspaper for libel. The libellous accusation in the article was removed within an hour of him threatening to take legal action against the paper. Here is an original copy for you to look at below.

Janice Turner's Libellous Accusation In The Times

Janice Turner’s Libellous Accusation In The Times

When careless, lazy, unjournalistic “journalists” or “celebrities” make an allegation, it is always best that they back themselves up. If anyone libels or slanders someone for something that is not true, it can be costly, even on social media. It can also be embarrassing for the said “Z-list celebrity” if they are forced to apologise for their slovenly virtuous twitter tirades and tantrums.

Better Than Thou

Matthew is part of the Primrose Hill community, its an impoverished dilapidated, squalid and economically deprived area. We know this because he admitted as much on Twitter as you can see below:

Matthew Wright A Member Of The Primrose Hill Community

Matthew Wright A Member Of The Primrose Hill Community

The average house price in the Primrose Hill area of Camden happens to be in the region of ONE AND A HALF MILLION POUNDS. To live in an area like this, you have to be pretty wealthy. There goes the “economically deprived area” narrative; of course, we were being sarcastic.

Average House Price In Primrose Hill

Average House Price In Primrose Hill

The 2011 census tells us that by occupation, the people residing in this “affluent” area are:

Professional 31.7%, Associate professional and technical 23.3%, Managers, directors and senior officials 17.0%, Business, media and public service professionals 15.9%, Culture, media and sports 11.4%, Corporate managers and directors 11.0%, Business and public service associate professionals 9.5%, Administrative and secretarial 7.2%, Other managers and proprietors 6.0%, Science, research, engineering and technology professionals 5.3%.

No grafters like plumbers, chippies, sparkies, warehouse workers, taxi drivers or bin men? What a shocker, it is totally devoid of anything that could resemble the working-class! The area stinks to high heaven of “high and mightiness”, the majority of the residents there must have had a private education no?

You can find that data HERE.

Matthews disdain and lack of empathy towards the working-class is pretty clear.

Mental Health Issues Or Just Mental?

Matthew Wright does come across as a little unhinged at times, and perhaps, he also fantasises or exaggerates about mental health issues?

Matthew Wright claimed that his job caused him PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and he’s not the only “celebrity” to do so. A BBC article published that Matthews claims of a PTSD diagnosis aren’t necessarily valid when you look at the bigger picture.

Dr Brock Chisholm, a consultant clinical psychologist, said that:

“Although a rigorous work schedule may induce stress and anxiety and sleepless nights, it wouldn’t normally be typical of PTSD”.

He also said:

A rigorous work schedule can induce stress and burnout, which are debilitating things themselves but not the same as PTSD. They may be very stressed and have all kinds of equally impactful stress conditions, but it’s often a term that’s used when it doesn’t actually apply.

You can find that article HERE.

Matthew may become a little upset at us quoting an article from the BBC questioning the accuracy of his “diagnosis”. He could say that he has done lots of work for mental health causes over the years, which is true. However, it would be hard for him to self-identify as a “champion” of mental health issues.

Matthew brought a comedian onto his show, that comedian was Ian Lee. Just for some background and context, Ian Lee had previously spoken about his struggles with mental health and addiction. At the time of the interview, he had separated from his wife and did not want to be pressed about his personal situation live on TV. Matthew clearly didn’t get the memo. He kept on pushing and pressing about Ian’s mental health and private life which led to a pretty awkward live TV moment.

Ian said:

Here’s the thing Matthew, I’ve said three times to your producers that I’m not talking about this, so I’m not talking about it. It’s private, it’s private. It’s my life. I’m so close to telling you to f*** off and walking off right now. It’s my life!

Ian Lee did not appear on the show after a commercial break; he later went onto Twitter and criticised Matthew Wright stating:

My mental health is not entertainment. My personal life is not entertainment. I am fine. Better than I’ve been for a long time.’

You can find more about that awkward TV moment HERE.

As Sane As They Come

As Sane As They Come

Infatuated With Media Attention?

Only last year Matthew claimed he was “diagnosed” with PTSD due to working eighteen years in television. He seemed to thrive on the media hype as various media outlets fawned over his honesty and bravery about his “mental illness”.

The complications and contradictions of Matthew don’t stop there though. Consider this; Matthew happily pursued someone live on air who had their own mental health issues; he did that for entertainment purposes while ignoring the wishes of his guest. People can and have questioned Matthews authenticity, especially regarding matters of PTSD and the media hype surrounding him. Google “Matthew Wright PTSD” and see what you come up with.

If someone has a mental illness, and that person asks explicitly not to talk about it, why would anyone continually pursue that line of questioning as Matthew did? That highlights a severe lack of empathy for his guest’s mental health condition and wishes, and perhaps even more than that.

One man who has only recently “come out” and admitted he had been diagnosed as having PTSD is, of course, Tommy Robinson. It is a condition he developed during his solitary confinement at Onley prison, an institution that confines a substantial Muslim population within its walls. Tommy spent the best part of three months at Onley. He could not eat the prison food as it was Muslims who ran the kitchens and prepared his meals. Tommy only ate a tin of tuna and an apple during each day of his incarceration there. While serving his time in solitary confinement at Onley, Muslim inmates regularly passed human faeces through a small opening in his cell. Tommy had to endure 24/7 threats against his life there.

Tommy left Onley prison looking unwell; the state did their very best to destroy him; he also lost over 40 pounds in weight. Because of time served there, he endured a considerable amount of mental torture which ultimately led to a diagnosis of PTSD.

Tommy struggled to speak about his diagnosis and come to terms with it because he knows lads who have come out of the Armed Forces suffering from PTSD. Tommy did not want to equate himself and his condition with patriots who have served and fought for our country. Members of our armed forces have seen and handled situations that are the stuff of nightmares; they don’t have PTSD caused by working in television.

The NHS states that PTSD develops in about 1 in 3 people who experience SEVERE TRAUMA. Does working eighteen years in television equate to SEVERE TRAUMA? You decide.

The Wrong Stuff

Matthew Wright has claimed on Twitter that Tommy Robinson was a “drug dealer” and that he “beat” his girlfriend (who just so happens to be his wife now), and called him a racist. NONE of these accusations will withstand any scrutiny, NONE of these claims will ever be verified because they are UNTRUE! Not once has Tommy EVER been arrested or convicted for beating his girlfriend/wife, not once has Tommy EVER been arrested or convicted for being a drug dealer. Not once has Tommy EVER been arrested or convicted of racism.

Slovenly, lazy, unjournalistic Z-list “celebrities” should be mindful of wrongful accusations and character assassinations when using their “verified” social media accounts.

If it is perfectly fine to libel someone with ZERO proof and accuse them of something that is categorically untrue, then it should be perfectly fine to call someone…


A copy of this article has been sent to his employers at TalkRadio. Feel free to email them on feedback@talkradio.co.uk or pressreleases@talkradio.co.uk, alternatively, you can call them on 0344 4991000 and let them know what you think about Matthews libellous comments.

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