WINNING: Daily Star FORCED to REMOVE the vile #FakeNews!

by Avi Yemini

We did it, the pressure worked! All our emails, phone calls and finally the official complaint I submitted on behalf of Tommy Robinson to the Independent Press Standards Organisation have forced the Daily Star to remove their fake news story about Tommy being ‘bashed on his first day in jail’.

This was the complaint I sent:

Dear Johnathan Harris,
It is with regret that I must send you this email, however, given the fact that the Sunday Star have been less than helpful in dealing with my complaint on behalf of Tommy Robinson and his immediate family, I have no choice.
Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Avi Yemini, I work for TR.News. I am a colleague and close friend of Tommy Robinson and his immediate family. While Tommy is currently serving time in Belmarsh high security category A prison, I have been nominated by Tommy Robinson personally (Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) as the family contact and his spokesperson during his political incarceration. Therefore, I can confirm that I can and will be acting on his behalf, and of his family’s behalf with their full authority to do so for the reasons outlined in this letter.
I am representing Tommy Robinson (Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) and his immediate family because of the undue stress, worry, and anxiety caused to them and of course the besmirchment of Tommy’s character and reputation equating to slanderous and libellous actions.
As I am sure you are aware, the Attorney General (Geoffrey Cox QC) brought a second round of charges against Tommy Robinson after Tommy successfully appealed the first charge of contempt of court – this was regarding a gang of predominantly Muslim child abusers, abusers who were convicted of their crimes.
You may be aware that Geoffrey Cox QC announced in only March of this year that “it was in the public interest to bring fresh proceedings against Tommy Robinson”. You can find that information here as well as in numerous other media publications.
Suffice to say Tommy Robinson is an individual who garners “public interest” and the Attorney General would seem to agree with that point obviously.
As you will be aware by now the Sunday Star publicised and printed a complete and utter fabricated, and libellous misrepresentation of Tommy Robinson. For the purpose of this letter let us just refer to this as a matter of “inaccuracy” for the time being.
You will find I have documented and produced two videos with accompanying articles about this media debacle on the TR.News website, both of which you can find here:

EXPOSED: Journalists encourage ‘violent attack’ on Tommy Robinson

And here:

WATCH what happened when Avi Yemini CALLED the FAKE NEWS

As you will see I went through the Daily Star complaints procedure by following instructions on their contact page. You will find those instructions here:
Numerous emails were sent, and numerous calls were made in the vain hope that somebody in the Daily/Sunday Star could be approached, someone who would have the fortitude of editorial integrity coupled with the courage of their convictions and then deal with this matter appropriately. Such an individual (if one were to exist there) would realise the Sunday Star’s grave error then remove the fallacious and offensive article from the web and do the right thing, namely print an apology for the libellous accusations levelled against Tommy Robinson.
Unfortunately, as you will see in my documentation of these numerous attempts to have the offending article removed, the Daily/Sunday Star gave me the run around and saw fit to put the ownness on me to prove that what they publicised was untrue? Even after explaining that what they said happened could not have happened, it was not feasible or physically possible as Tommy Robinson has been placed in solitary confinement, he has had no physical contact with any other inmate at Belmarsh prison. Now should the Daily/Sunday Star have reached out to the prison governor this could and would have been confirmed. This is the purest form of neglect on their part, it does not seem to be something they want to tackle, for now I will not ascribe motives as to why that might be, however I will call out a fake-news story when I see one, especially one that is demonstrably and unequivocally false in every shape, form and fashion.
I would just like to bring to your attention the alleged “journalist” who seems to be responsible for this publicised nonsense. Isobel Dickinson is responsible for writing the fake-news article on the Daily Star website.
You can find that here:
You can also find the Daily Star Tweeting this falsehood here:
As you can see, there have been no attempts at all by the Daily/Sunday Star to remove the offending article or even the promotion of it regardless of my numerous efforts to get them to do so.
Now back to the “offending” journalist Isobel Dickinson. After carrying out some real journalism of my own I found that this type of “inaccuracy” would have an historical precedent. Isobel Dickinson has publicised a completely fabricated “news story” with her enabling employers the Daily Star in the past. It would seem that she has form for fake-news, let me direct you to an article that was eventually pulled for its “inaccuracy” back in April 2018. Isobel Dickinson wrote an article for the Daily Star on Sunday claiming that the child killing monster Ian Huntley was “transitioning”, wore a blonde wig and wanted people to refer to him as Nichola while serving time in Frankland Prison. This was found to be a total fabrication. You can find a reference to that article here:
To summarise so far, I have given you documented evidence of my attempts to get the Daily/Sunday Star to retract their article with no success in doing so. I have also provided you with emails sent to the Daily/Sunday Star highlighting their “inaccuracies”, I have also provided an historical precedent outlining the “journalist” involved in this fake debacle of a news story.
Now I must point out to you the effects of this fallacious story on Tommy Robinson, his wife, his children, his parents and other members of his immediate family. Just to remind you I am doing this with the full blessing, authority and approval of Tommy Robinson (Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) and his family.
Imagine for a moment, Tommy’s wife and members of his family read this nonsensical piece of “journalistic trash” based on no evidence at all whatsoever. They fly into a panic, his children are deeply upset and everyone thinks the very worst, remember there are real criminals who have attempted to kill Tommy Robinson in the past, the stress and anxiety that Tommy’s wife, children and immediate family suffered due to this fake-news publication cannot be understated. It was totally unnecessary and easily avoidable should the “journalist” have investigated this matter properly, such as making contact with Tommy directly, contacting the prison governor or even reaching out to us here at TR.News. No such things happened which shows a complete disregard to any journalistic standard. The Daily/Sunday Star and Isobel Dickinson need to be held to account, make a full retraction and give an apology for the suffering, panic and anxiety they caused Tommy and his family.
I will now list the clauses of the Editors Code that Tommy and his family believe have been broken:
Accuracy – Nothing in the article is true, absolutely nothing.
Intrusion into grief or shock – Tommy and his family were shocked by the decision to incarcerate him again for the same crime – “contempt of court”, so when this story was published it caused unnecessary and undue stress and anxiety to his wife, children and immediate family as they thought he was attacked in prison. Of course, this was not the case at all.
I recognise as does Tommy and his family there is a “public interest” to report on him as a public figure, that being said, reporting must be accurate and substantiated. Neither applies to the article in question. Tommy is used to unsubstantiated articles written about him however this is an egregious case that has adversely affected his family and defamed his character to the point it makes him look like someone who bullies 70-year-old pensioners.
Payments to criminals – This may or not be true, however the article does indeed cite several times about “sources”. Sources could be other inmates at Belmarsh, if so, were any of these sources paid by the Star for material that produced this fictional hit-piece?
Here is a list of other “news outlets” who decided to run with this fictional nonsense:
Examiner –
Mirror –
Metro – –
I am sure you will be aware there will be many, many more “news” outlets that have done the same, parroting and peddling lies and disinformation about Tommy Robinson, the genesis of which starts with the Daily/Sunday Star.
Given all the information I have provided you in this correspondence I look forward to hearing from you in due course in the hope that this ridiculous and unnecessary situation can be rectified promptly, with a correction, and an apology to Tommy Robinson, his wife, his children, his parents and other members of his immediate family due to the panic, anxiety and worry caused by this malicious, fallacious, unsubstantiated, unnecessary hit-piece.
Yours sincerely
Avi Yemini

Removing the article is an admission of guilt. The Daily Star are admitting their ‘journalist’, Isobel Dickinson, fabricated the entire story.

But simply removing the story is not good enough. It’s a good START.

The fake news story was shared worldwide, with all publications referring to the Daily Star as their source.

Several ‘journalists’ even celebrated the fake violent attack on Tommy Robinson – will they apologise? I’m not holding my breath.

Now that the story has been removed, we demand a correction and apology immediately — not just the lame 404 error.

This is the first win. Spread the news and: Watch. This. Space.

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