Why is the media HAPPY to promote Antifa VIOLENCE?

by Avi Yemini

In my last video, I exposed what really happened when Tommy Robinson punched a man at a soccer match. I shared with you the REAL footage proving the “news” published worldwide was absolutely fake. I introduced you to the source of that lie, an Antifa supporter who calls himself and even the mainstream media refers to him as a ‘journalist’.

The response has been incredible, between Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram the video already has over 200k views, and people were finally starting to question Mr Mike “Fake News” Stuchbery.

I showed you in the last video how this same Mike Stuchbery proudly and publicly supports Antifa, the violent group prescribed as a domestic terror threat by US law enforcement agencies.

What I forgot to include was this perfect example of Mike calling for violence which I then tweeted as part of the thread.

Honestly, after sharing this screenshot, I thought he’d take the opportunity to distance himself from his own words and maybe even apologise for inciting violence in the first place.

But no, Mike doubled down and gave the most bizarre justification and then went to deflect – I think his people call it gaslighting.

Let’s read again precisely what he wrote: “Punch them, punch them, never stop punching them.”

This post, by definition, is an incitement to violence. But not only is Mike Stuchbery not banned from Twitter for it, but he has also now become a ‘respected’ voice in the mainstream media. They even have him writing opinion pieces for them. Seriously, a guy who calls for real VIOLENCE on our streets, how the hell does his opinion matter?

But his response yesterday was shocking.

Mike justified it by saying:

Like most things he writes, total fake news. Both Blaire and Neil don’t like me very much – because, guess what? I’m a proud Jew. You moron.

Later in the thread, he provides his proof. An article which was written by “Jews against Fascism” who are as about as “Jewish” and “anti-fascist” as Hitler was.

But let’s not get sucked into his attempt to divert the conversation. Let’s unpack his answer to being exposed for inciting violence;

“I made that first statement when white supremacist groups gathered in Charlottesville. A young woman was killed the next day, by a Far Right extremist.”

So what’s he saying? Is it?

1. A group of people he disagrees with were gathering, so it justifies inciting violence against them? (to be clear, I **obviously*** strongly object to white supremacy)

Or 2. Mike predicted that ONE nutjob was going to kill someone AFTER he tweeted, so it justified him inciting violence before the violent incident even took place. BTW he encouraged violence against “them”, plurals. Not just the killer. Just saying.

Imagine this for a second:
Muslim groups were gathering in London and someone who opposes the Islamic ideology, for the sake of argument, let’s call him Tommy Robinson, tweets “punch them, punch them, never stop punching them”.

Would that be okay?

What about if AFTER he tweeted that, a Muslim carried out a Jihadi attack, would that then retrospectively justify Tommy’s incitement to violence?

I didn’t think so.

Mike realised he got exposed and spent his whole day trying to shift the focus onto me. Mostly defamatory statements that even if were true – which they’re not – but even if they were, have no relevance or bearing on the fact that this man, Mike Stuchbery who calls himself a journalist and the media loves to promote, got caught using Twitter to incite actual violence.

Welcome to the world we currently live in, where double standards and hypocrisy rule.

Let me be clear if Tommy or anyone I support ever wrote that about any group, including Muslims – I would be the first to condemn it.

But Tommy doesn’t and he wouldn’t because he’s not pro-violence unless in the case of self-defence.

Meanwhile, keyboard warrior, Mike Stuchberry, is very happy to incite violence from the safety of his own home – well only until someone shows up at his doorstep.

Oh, and Mike also gets very triggered when someone who is often violently attacked, fights back.

The punchline of Mike’s bizarre tweeting yesterday was how he ended the day by begging for a job. His entire writing career has been built solely on attacking Tommy Robinson.

So, if you have work, he wants you to ‘consider him’, but he forgot to mention, he only writes fiction.

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