Why is Australia now importing WAR-CRIMINALS?!

by Avi Yemini

A Perth father of a 27-year-old man who was hacked to death by a Rwandan militia in Uganda has been left devastated after discovering two of his son’s alleged killers were resettled in Australia late last year.

Their Melbourne-based son, Steven Roberts, was among a group of tourists brutally murdered in a Ugandan national park in 1999.

After spending years in US immigration detention, the two Rwandan men were settled in Australia as part of a refugee swap deal first negotiated by the former flop of a prime minister Malcolm Turnbull and Barack Obama’s US administration.

A leaked transcript of a heated first phone call between US President Donald Trump and Malcolm Turnbull revealed the former Australian leader had pledged to “take anyone that you want us to take” as part of the agreement.

“The only people that we do not take are people who come by boat,” Turnbull reportedly said.

Wait. What the ****?!

I don’t blame the President of the United States for wanting to ship these killers out of the US and dumping them on us in Australias. It was smart and patriotic move to protect his country. Meanwhile, our leader seriously just said we’ll take ANYONE besides for boat people?!

Stopping the boats is damn important, and I thank the Libs for doing it. However, most of our nation’s immigration problems, FLY in.

To make matters worse, the current Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has defended the move, claiming the alleged killers had undergone checks relating to national security, criminality, war crimes and crimes against humanity and that it “resulted in an assessment that they did not represent a risk”.

I don’t work for border protection or ASIO or any other Security agency, but I’m not sure how the hell mass-murder doesn’t “represent a risk”.

I reckon most sensible Aussies would agree that importing murders is pretty risky.

So while our government is busy making dirty deals and importing people who have already murdered an Australian, hard-working, tax-paying, law-abiding South Africans are still not able to come here.

Our system is officially broken.

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