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While Avi Yemini is in London supporting Tommy, he asks the obvious question. WHY DO JEWS SUPPORT TOMMY ROBINSON?

Tabloid trash papers love a predictable click-baiting headline. When the gutter press goes to print or publish online “content” about Tommy and/or his support base, you will more often than not, read references to the “Far-Right” and “NAZI”.

Mainstream media, as a whole, have an indolent attitude towards reporting the truth, that would take some effort. It is far easier for the pernicious press to carry out the politically established narrative. Tommy Robinson is “Far-Right”, he has “Far-Right” supporters cheering him on all the way.

"Far-Right" - Narratives Of The Gutter Press

“Far-Right” – Narratives Of The Gutter Press

The gutter press would have their readers conjuring up images of jackboot wearing members of the Waffen SS taking a gun, stick, knife or fist to all minorities who get in their way.

But what is the reality?

What is the TRUTH?


Avi Yemini, during the #JUSTICEFORTOMMY event, walked around the event enclosure. He found people who did not precisely fit into the indolent press narrative of “Far-Right”. In fact, Avi found people who would be utterly repulsed at any such insinuation by the gutter press.

Another "Far-Right" Supporter Of Tommy Robinson

Another “Far-Right” Supporter Of Tommy Robinson

In the video above, Avi finds JEWS who are there to support Tommy Robinson. They explain why they are there supporting him and also reflect on how the establishment press in America use the same lazy pejoratives to define, discuss and report on Donald Trump.

It seems as though there is a worldwide cabal of pathetic politically correct liberal handwringers in the upper echelons of the assumed “Free-Press”.

Independent media is now the “go-to” source of real news because mainstream media don’t get off their backsides and report on reality.

The pontificating propagandists of political correctness have had their day.

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