Who Is Claire Fox, Representative For The Brexit Party?

by TR News

As Tommy is campaigning in the North West to become an MEP, it seems only right we take a look at some of the candidates who are also running in that region.

Let’s take a look at Claire Fox the Brexit party representative.

Who is she?

What does she stand for?

Well, its best we start from the beginning.

Claire was born and raised in a Catholic family and took her religious beliefs very seriously, her family roots come from Ireland and Wales, her parents were quite politically active and aware, her father being a Conservative and her mother a staunch Labour voter.

Claire is on record saying that she is from a working-class background (we cannot confirm this) and was the first in her family who went to university, it was at this point, perhaps unsurprisingly, her political world view was formed.

When Claire was at university, she thought a lot about “Liberation Theology.” Liberation Theology during the time of Claire’s education was a fusion of Catholicism and Marxism; it was and perhaps still is a pretty radical alignment of politics with religion. Perhaps this world view was instigated with the help of her “lefty priest” Father Mac?

We don’t claim to know, however, what we do know is that he had a massive influence on Claire at a very young age.

Pope John Paul II could see the dangers in the fusion of Marxism and Catholicism; in fact, the Catholic church issued documentation that concentrated on the themes of liberation.

Pope John Paul II made an unambiguous statement during a sermon he carried out in Mexico in 1990.

He said….

…When the world begins to notice the clear failures of certain ideologies and systems, it seems all the more incomprehensible that certain sons of the Church in these lands – prompted at times by the desire to find quick solutions – persist in presenting as viable certain models whose failure is patent in other places in the world.

You, as priests, cannot be involved in activities which belong to the lay faithful, while through your service to the Church community you are called to cooperate with them by helping them study Church teachings…

…Be careful, then, not to accept nor allow a vision of human life as conflict nor ideologies which propose class hatred and violence to be instilled in you; this includes those which try to hide under theological writings.

Quoting – Pope John Paul II, ‘Option for the Poor’ sermon in Mexico, 1990

Yes, Pope John Paul knew about the failures of Marxism and Socialist political models, he knew the dangers of radical left-wing indoctrination. Pope John Paul was Polish and therefore fully understood the nature of Communism/Marxism. The class warfare of Marxists was a real and present danger then, just as it is today. Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Claire Fox also joined the Socialist Workers Party while at university, and she proudly did so as a practising Catholic. To Claire’s admission, her interest in “Liberation Theology” led to a natural progression into Revolutionary Marxism.

While at university she also became very interested in Irish politics, again no surprise given her interest in “Liberation Theology”. At this juncture of her life, she had some significant disagreements with the Socialist Workers Party on matters that related to Ireland, she was far more (again by her admission) “Hard-line.” Perhaps this is why she has had to endure some recent criticism regarding her support for the Irish Republican Army.

Claire’s radical Marxist ideals and political persuasions led her to join others who were engaged in far-left political demonstrations; she bumped into people who introduced her to a Communist publication called “Next Step.” After reading this red rag, Claire found a publication that was aligned with her political ideology.


Communist Rag

Communist Rag


After further far-left reading and indoctrination, Claire was ready to step up; she joined the Revolutionary Communist Party which was a re-branded group that used to refer to themselves as “Revolutionary Communist Tendencies.” The Revolutionary Communist Party was a party of open borders; in fact, it saw any restrictions on immigration as a means to “divide the working class” and “give official approval to racism.” Of course, this is not true; controlling national borders is simply a way of adequately managing immigration. Controlled immigration is necessary; it is necessary for the safety and security of any national populous; it is undoubtedly not racism. The charge of racism when referring to controlled immigration perfectly highlights the identity politics and class warfare of the radical left.



The Revolutionary Communist Party defended the IRA; they also defended the IRA’s deadly bomb attack in Warrington on 20 March 1993. A 3-year-old boy died in the blast; a 12-year-old boy later died of his injuries after the attack and a further 56 people were injured because of it. The party published a newsletter in April 1993, soon after the bombing, defending “the right of the Irish people to take whatever measures necessary in their struggle for freedom”.

Claire Fox was an active member of the Revolutionary Communist Party at the time; perhaps she needs to come clean about her views on the matter so that the electorate can make an informed choice as to whether or not she is a suitable candidate to represent the people of the North-West?

Perhaps supporting terrorists is a stretch too far, maybe?

After the end of the cold war, the Capitalist West had beaten its adversary Communist Russia, people didn’t have much of an appetite for Communism, understandably so.

As the Communist death rattle was heard across the globe Claire wanted to re-invent Marxism, the progenitor of Communism; she had become a co-publisher for a magazine called “Living Marxism” which was later re-branded as LM, as people were all too aware of what Marxism is all about. That name change was probably a good PR move; however, her alternative means to convey Marxist theory died after ITN sued the publication for libel, so LM was closed and made bankrupt.

Claire has a history or radical left-leaning tendencies, yet she is a bit of a political contradiction, embracing free speech as an absolute coupled with her relatively recent libertarian leanings add an intriguing mix to her contemporary political incarnation. Why would an avowed Communist stand for such things? Communism is, after all, a failed totalitarian political ideology that veers only an inch or two away from Socialism. Communism is all about big government, libertarianism is the polar opposite of big government. Perhaps Claire has bi-polar political views?

Claire clearly has political ideological contradictions but then again so does her excellent friend Nigel Farage, you know, the man who loathes a genuinely decent working-class lad by the name of Tommy Robinson? Nigel has repeatedly denigrated Tommy as being someone who would drag us in a shameful direction, why Nigel? Is it because he had the balls to highlight the issue of Muslim grooming gangs drugging, raping, pimping and beating young children, many many years before our feckless politicians went public, and that was only because they could no longer hide from it? Nigel advised his then UKIP colleagues that if they were to march with Tommy then UKIP would become a new BNP? Nigel you perfectly highlight the reasons why political correctness is so dangerous, we need to speak truth to power, even if truths are uncomfortable. Hiding from facts literally destroys lives!

Oh and while we are on the subject of contradictions, you were totally against Tommy joining UKIP (invoking the un-truth of racism while doing so) yet you are more than happy to align yourself with a former National-Front man by the name of Martyn Heale? A man who just so happened to be your party chairman in Thanet South?

Pot, kettle, black Nigel?




There is no moral equivalence Nigel; you are a hypocrite. And Claire, you have supported the IRA, possibly still do given the fact you have not disavowed them or their terroristic past.

The Guardian newspaper (which we tend to consider as a propagandist arm of the far-left generally speaking)  have stated you supported the right for paedophiles like Gary Glitter to download child porn for God’s sake!

The political class of Great Britain is full of wronguns!

Claire runs a think tank going by the name of “Academy Of Ideas”, we suggest Claire’s ideas are dangerous, Britain and Europe doesn’t need a new hybrid of Marxism, it needs a refreshed national identity based on values, not race, not creed, not colour or any other “intersectional identity.” We need a new identity that appropriately serves the needs of the British public, none more so than the forgotten working-class.

If Claire and Nigel represent “the good” of British politics today then for God’s sake get out and vote for Tommy Robinson, give our political class a good old fashioned kick up the arse because we are sick and tired of an out of touch political class in this country.

It is time to get on board the Tommy train, our country needs you to get out, spread the word, encourage your friends, your family, and most importantly of all, excercise your right to vote in “real change” so we can kick out the “pompous wrong-uns” who have led our political system into decay and depravity.



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