What Is Offensive About Straight Pride?

by TR News

Milo Yiannopoulos lead as the Grand Marshal of the first annual straight pride event in Boston USA. It didn’t go down too well with a particular ideological demographic, so what is offensive about straight pride?

Countering The Counter Culture

It is often noted that the “counter-culture” was born out of left-wing activism, maybe that is true? However, today is a time of modern conservatism which is driving a populist revolt against revolting far-left ideologues.

Milo Yiannopoulos needs no introduction. Everyone knows him as a shit-posting provocateur. He is a cisgendered gay man who dares to throw excrement back at the chimpanzees of the non-binary anarchistic far-left. What matters here is that he is helping to lead a new conservative/populist counter-culture. It’s a movement that pokes the left in the eye with unabashed fervour.

There’s a tremendous amount of irony when an openly gay man, married to a black man, understands the necessity of triggering the far-left. There’s an irony too when an openly gay man breaks out from the LGBTQ prison built by left-wing plantation owners. Milo Yiannopoulos has, with tenacity, passion and laughter, took the fight to left-wing extremists on the streets and campuses all over America and Britain. In doing this, he has removed the masks from the faces of so-called “social justice warriors”.

Milo With Nazi

Milo With Another Nazi!

Straight Pride Worldwide

Left-wing domestic terrorist group Antifa turned up with their non-binary LGBTQQIAAP+ acronymous word-salad militants to protest the celebration of heterosexuality. No doubt they were there to flush out all of the straight white-supremacist Nazis in attendance of this pro-heterosexual celebration?

While people celebrated the conservative/populist push back of hard-left retardation, Antifa and the militant goons of the acronymous word-salad were too busy handing out leaflets and getting arrested by the Boston police force.

Antifa Says Straight Sex Is Rape?

Antifa Says Straight Sex Is Rape? – Sex With Whites Is White Supremacy?

Isn’t it ironic that we live in a world where the LGBTQQIAAP+ acronymous word-salad is not only accepted, but celebrated, even if it introduces sexuality and gender confusion to children? In contrast, the celebration of heterosexual norms is nothing more than white supremacy and rape?

The organisers of the straight pride event with the aid of Grand Marshal Milo Yiannopoulos have again taken the masks off of the real fascists in our time. The triggering of the left is their undoing, long may that continue.

People don’t like Milo for many reasons, that’s because he gives it to you straight!

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