What Happened On The 24th In London?

by TR News

Richard Inman and Jayda Fransen set up a protest outside BBC Belfast highlighting their fake-news bias while also bringing attention to Tommy Robinson’s political incarceration.

We are going to have a quick look at what went on during the protests in London. As usual, the Metropolitan Police walked the degenerate radical far-left of Antifa right up to some female Tommy Robinson supporters.

Why do the Police feel they need to do this? Surely keeping the violent agitators of Antifa away from Tommy Robinson supporters would drastically reduce flashpoints of confrontation and the potential for violence? Perhaps the Police don’t want to keep the peace after all?

Antifa Soyboys Have Manginas

Antifa Soyboys Have Manginas

Alerta Alerta Soy Overdose!

Black Van Man captured some decent footage of the masked up screaming gender-neutral harpies of Antifa as they belted out some communist nursery rhymes to “smash the fash”. They did manage to have another game of push and shove with the Met Police, but again no batons for them. Another example of two-tier policing?

You can watch Black Van Mans videos of Antifa HERE and HERE.

Antifa repeatedly called out the Police for “protecting the fascists”, but we are not sure what fascists they are talking about? Was it these terrible racist, fascistic Nazi thugs that Black Van Man also reported on during his day in London on the 24th?


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