Weak Panorama Dhimmis Bend The Knee

by TR News

Most people will be aware that Stacey Dooley visited a camp in Northern Syria full of ISIS brides to produce a documentary for the recently discredited programme Panorama. However, weak Panorama dhimmis bend the knee and capitulate to Muslim outrage.

An ISIS Martyr

An ISIS Martyr

Stacey Dooley landed herself in some hot water as a preview of her upcoming documentary shows ISIS brides pointing their index finger upwards. What was Stacey’s crime exactly? Well, Stacey said that the women who were pointing their fingers upwards were saluting ISIS.

Can anyone remember anyone from ISIS pointing their index finger upwards, after a beheading perhaps?

An ISIS Soldier Being "One With God" After Beheading A Woman

An ISIS Soldier Being “One With God” After Beheading A Woman

Weak Panorama Dhimmis Bend The Knee

The cultural sensitivity awareness police were soon quick to denounce Stacey, the BBC and Panorama for their egregious mistake. Nothing but a pampering, coddling apology would suffice. The pointed finger is alluding to the tawhid, which is the first part of the Muslim shahada – a belief in the oneness of God.

BBC journalist Anisa Subedar tweeted:

‘This issue raised by @OzKaterji and others needs to be addressed before tonight’s #Panorama is aired. Raising the finger is NOT an IS salute.

She also went on to say:

‘This is what happens when you pass over real journalists to cover these kinds of stories – those that require cultural sensitivity and compassion. ‘What happened here is insulting and offensive to Muslims and journalists. Imagine being a Muslim journalist.

Oh the outrage, have that Stacey Dooley sent to a BBC re-education camp based in China. Have her brainwashed and made to be culturally sensitive so she can appease the Twitter outrage police!

"Oneness With God" - Decapitations

“Oneness With God” – Decapitations

Don’t Cave Into The Outrage Police

Stacey Dooley ended up capitulating to the outrage police, no doubt encouraged to do so by the BBC top brass who don’t want to offend members of the religion of peace.

The argument here is that can reporters not actually report facts within a specific context? The defenders of Islam and ISIS hold sway of broadcasters and journalists alike. They should push back and tell them to shove their outrage where the sun does not shine.

Context provides nuance in various situations, here Stacey is visiting a camp full of ISIS brides who have flown the ISIS flag atop a lamp. It would be a pretty safe bet that these ISIS brides were, in fact, saluting the “oneness of God” under the banner of ISIS.

Anyone with even an ounce of common sense knows that ISIS has used that one-fingered salute to celebrate the death and destruction of Non-Muslims. We should not forget “the one” salute is also used to celebrate jihadi martyrdom. Committing murder in the name of his/her religion is a cause for celebration and the murderers “oneness with God”.

You can read more about that by clicking HERE.

ISIS And Their "Oneness With God"

ISIS And Their “Oneness With God”

Police Know About ISIS Salute

Bedfordshire police removed a tweet they put out supporting “Islamaphobia Awareness Month”. It was a campaign promoted by the Islamic extremists of MEND, the poster “featured a one-fingered salute similar to the one used by ISIS”.

You can read more about that by clicking HERE.

Bedfordshire Police Realised Their Mistake

Bedfordshire Police Realised Their Mistake

Do not surrender to the outrage police, do not yield yourselves to cultural sensitivity, especially when a particular culture/religion happens to promote the worst evil in our time.

Don’t let them hide behind semantics or offence, face them with determination and never apologise, call them out. Stacey Dooley did herself no favours by capitulating to outraged members of the religion of peace.

Dont make the same mistake!

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