WATCH: Why is the world so silent about South Africa?

by Avi Yemini

About a year ago the plight of white South Africans, and especially the farmers reached an awareness “peak”, for lack of a better term. Stories were finally being published in the mainstream media, commentators were discussing it, politicians were making statements and promising action – even Donald Trump tweeted about it.

Closer to home, thousands attended rallies across our great land. The ALA collected more than 50K signatures of Aussies calling for a special intake of persecuted South African farmers, that Debbie Robinson and I personally delivered to the office of the then Minister of Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop.

Peter Dutton, the immigration minister at the time, seemed sympathetic and willing to do something.

But now we hear nothing.

So, does that mean the problem has been solved?

Hell no!

However you choose to study the statistics, one thing is crystal clear, things are getting worse.

These days, most of the horrific stories aren’t even reported on. I only know about them because of the work I have previously done to raise awareness of what’s really happening there.

But one story did finally make the news this week.

The DailyMail reports:

A white couple was gunned down in a ‘racist attack’ at the side of the road after their car ran out of fuel in South Africa.

Johanco Fleischman, 19, and girlfriend Jessica Kuhn, 23, were executed in cold blood as they waited on a motorway bridge for a family friend to bring them a can of diesel to get them going.

Two employees sitting in the back of the car with the couple were brutally beaten by the killers but spared death and have described the horrific double murder to police in detail.

It is understood the attackers walked past the car and murmured a racial insult at Fleischman before opening fire.

The two witnesses told cops the Toyota Hilux had run out of diesel 20 miles east of Johannesburg and butcher Johanco had called a friend for help.

As they waited for rescue they said three men walked past the car and then walked back hissing a word that I can’t pronounce at Johanco – a derogatory phrase for a white man.

One of the men then pulled a revolver without warning and fired at least nine shots, hitting Johanco several times in the body.

As he slumped into the road the gunman leaned into the cab and killed Jessica with a single shot to the head, before stealing her mobile phone.

Then they set the car on fire.

Jessica was slumped dead in the passenger seat, Johanco on the road, and the two badly beaten workers ran for their lives.

While I’m grateful this story got some airtime, I’m saddened that by tomorrow it’ll be forgotten. and that every other attack this week will continue to be ignored.

The reality is, unless we ALL continue to discuss what’s happening in South Africa – nothing will change.

The media, politicians and so-called human rights activists don’t want to hear about it, for one simple reason; The victims are white.

So let us not let this conversation die with its victims.

Please SHARE their stories far and wide.


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