WATCH: Why did Nigel Farage REALLY get attacked?

by Avi Yemini

This video is for anyone who celebrated when Tommy Robinson was “milkshaked”. Especially those of you who then condemned the exact same action when it happened to Nigel Farage.

At the beginning of this month, a man decided to smash his milkshake all over Tommy Robinson. A clear act of violence that millions witnessed around the world.

The scary thing is not that this individual was willing to turn to violence instead of dialogue, it was the reaction from politicians and media elites across the political spectrum.

Instead of coming out and condemning this brazen act of violence, they celebrated it.

And I’m not just talking about just extreme leftwing fridge groups who we’ve become used to celebrating violence, against anyone with an opposing view. I’m talking about everyone including so-called conservative voices.

Hell, even Burger King decided to get in on endorsing the violence.

In a bizarre twist, it turned out Police drove the violent offender to a train station and didn’t bother charging him for clearly and publicly breaking the law. Moments later he was online celebrating his violent crime.

Not only was the act celebrated, but so was the criminal.

The establishments’ reaction to this violent attack against a legitimate candidate in a democratic election, is what caused the escalation in violence, and copycat attacks.

In the days following we witnessed gangs of violent men attacking family-friendly campaign rallies, we saw rocks and scissors used as weapons.

We even witnessed police marching theses gangs to their crime-scenes.

And the media continued to frame the victims as the perpetrators.

When the media first reported on the milkshake attack, they even had the chutzpah to quote the attacker saying “the milkshake slipped out of his hand”.

That fake news was published and republished by most main media outlets, even after all the footage of this man antagonising the campaigning group for hours before eventually attacking.

The message was clear, violence against campaigning political candidates is now okay. Even by the mainstream

So there was no surprise when, Carl Benjamin, a YouTuber, who was also out campaigning for a seat in the European Parliament, was “milkshaked” FOUR FREAKEN TIMES.

The media and political class continued to mock and celebrate these violent acts against what they labelled “far-right” candidates.

But then, the thugs crossed a line. They “milkshaked” the wrong person, Nigel Farage.

Condemnation came from everywhere, most – besides the fringe – condemned the milk shaking of the Brexit Party leader.

The question is why? Why was it suddenly not okay?

I have two theories, but I reckon it’s probably a bit of both.

First one: Seems obvious. Tommy’s attacker was from the “protected class”. He wasn’t a “white man”, he was a Muslim – therefore untouchable.

My second theory: Nigel Farage is one of them. Bare with me and I’ll explain…

The problem with my first theory on its own is, it doesn’t explain the four milkshake attacks on Carl Benjamin, as they weren’t thrown by Muslim men.

So my conclusion is that since a “protected persons” started the trend, the next four got away with it because their target was another outsider – just like Tommy Robinson.

Which proves my 2nd theory, Nigel Farage to them is one of their own.

Nigel has certainly done a lot of great work, especially with Brexit. But the mainstream elite that he pretends to hate so much, more often than not, prop him up.

Just read pretty much any story the media write about him, they don’t treat him ANYTHING like Tommy Robinson or Carl Benjamin.

So the first attack paved the way for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th. Which together, emboldened them, and then boom – what a surprise, they got one of yours.

The lesson from all this must be understood that if you’re ever going to celebrate political violence, it’s going to come and bite you when you least expect it.

You idiots that laughed, need to stop and think how you’d feel if you or someone you respect was the victim of such attack.

And now we know because you finally spoke out.

So be consistent, otherwise, it won’t end well. Not for Tommy, Carl, Nigel or even someone you love, like Jeremy Corbyn.

Next time it won’t be a milkshake or even an egg and it won’t be someone you hate.

The moment you legitimise political violence, no one will be immune to it.

Just look as far as the latest victim of the “hilarious” milk-shaking attacks. An 81-yr-old war veteran.

Shame on all of you.


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