WATCH Tommy HATER Get SCHOOLED On Real Supremacy

by TR News

While Avi was travelling with Tommy he came across a young woman who was not so impressed or supportive of him, his rhetoric or his campaign to become an MEP.

We always want to hear opposing views; even if we don’t agree with them, we can still be mature adults and listen to differing opinions, although most are not grounded in any substantial facts.

The young woman in this video started by saying Tommy “uses his platform to spread hate to every single person” and that he’s not a true representative of the people of Wigan.

Fair enough, you are entitled to your opinion, just not your own facts! Who is the true representative of Wigan? Is it you?

Avi challenges her about the right to criticise Islam, at this point she agrees you can criticise “things” (we will assume you meant Islam it’s just that you didn’t state that explicitly in your answer for some reason?) and that Tommy doesn’t criticise Christianity?

Avi makes a great point, “where are Christians blowing people up, beheading people, enslaving people, where do you see that?”

She then goes on to say that “you can’t criticise one religion for doing what all religions do” giving an example of the Ku Klux Klan, thinking that would back up her point.

So there a few claims we need to unpack already as they are loaded with emotive yet unsubstantiatable rhetoric.

Firstly – How does Tommy spread hate when all he does is highlight some disgusting acts that are carried out within the Islamic community? He also highlights Islamic texts, what they say and what they ordain for the followers of Islam. If Tommy is a hater, then by the logic of this young woman, the texts from the Quran, the Hadith, the Sunnah, and an incredible amount of Quranic exegesis from Muslim scholars themselves, the Tafsir, are by her definition “hateful.”

We can agree the texts are hateful and intolerant, we can’t and won’t accept that Tommy is hateful and bigoted when he refers to and quotes chapter and verse from Islamic texts, this young lady has conflated the two, 1+1=4.

That’s the power of rhetorical discourse, to see through the fog of conflation is where clarity lies. Don’t blame the messenger, blame the message.

Secondly – The young woman’s point about the KKK as being a representative of Christianity is a point that only has a slither of merit, in as much as the retarded leaders of the KKK (perhaps some kind of grand cyclops or wizard as an example) would use Bible passages to legitimise their bigotry and hatred. A good comeback would be along the lines of “well Muslims can take passages out of context to legitimise their prejudice as well so what’s the difference?

Yes, Muslims can take texts out of context, we agree, they can also take the texts “literally” when they “literally” call for the killing of the non-believer.

This form of argumentation is a simple one to reflect and push back against. Look at the behaviours, the sayings and deeds of Muhammad, then look at the behaviours, the sayings and the deeds of Jesus Christ. Even if you are not a person of faith, the differences are highly significant.


Muhammad was the leader/founder of the Islamic faith, and Jesus was the leader/founder of the Christian faith.

Both the Christian Bible and the Islamic Quran give specific chapters and verses that state following (or the emulation of) these religious leaders is preferred, basically they are examples for all of humanity.

That is where the problem lies!

Muhammad killed, raped, captured sex-slaves, robbed and engaged in paedophilia, he took the sword to the non-believer.

Jesus did none of these things. He cured the sick, gave to the poor, and cared for children rather than marring and molesting them.

Whos the better character to emulate in life?

Jesus if he were alive today, here in the 21st century, he would be hugging everyone, turning the other cheek and making propositions for peace and understanding.

Muhammad would be in jail, for a long, long time.

No matter how much conflation is used during rhetorical discourse, nobody can refute these simple yet obvious differences, its the difference between night and day.

This young lady conflates racism, white supremacy and violence with Tommy Robinson with zero facts.

Does this young woman not know that the Quran states that a believer is better than a non-believer? Does that not count as a form of supremacy?

Good debate!

Vote Tommy!


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