WATCH: The TRUTH about Trump in the UK the media is hiding

by Avi Yemini

In the lead up to President Donald Tump’s historic visit to the United Kingdom, virtue signalling leftists such as Jeremy Corbyn, Owen Jones and the pipsqueak, Sadiq Kahn, took the opportunity to promote themselves by dividing the country about something that should have been bipartisan.

The President has travelled to the UK on a three-day state visit to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the D-Day landings, the largest seaborne invasion in history and the crucial turning point in the war with Adolf Hitler.

He came on behalf for 320 million Americans from all walks of life.

Ironically some of the rhetoric these idiots regressed to, was labelling the elected leader of the American people as a ‘Nazi’. Even though he’s there to celebrate the joint US and UK defeat of the REAL Nazis.

Go figure.

The media was no better, BBC and Sky News both used the famous Trump blimp to ridicule the President.

But in true Trump fashion, his response was priceless.

Especially to the pipsqueak.

Sadiq Khan used the days before his visit – pretending he speaks for all Brits – in the media and online, branding Trump as a ‘fascist’, a ‘growing global threat’, and demanding Britain should not be ‘rolling out the red carpet’ for him because it was ‘un-British’.

Well, the moment Trump landed he tweeted this in response:

And he’s bloody right.

The fact is Sadiq is failing as London mayor. He’s let the place become known as Londonistan – the stabbing capital of the world that is ‘no longer an English city’.

I don’t blame him for wanting to shift the focus from his failed job in an attempt to cement himself as the hero of the left.

But Sadiq Kahn is no hero and is very selective about which ‘bad men’ he so ‘bravely’ objects to coming to ‘his city’.

He hardly had a problem with leaders of Saudi Arabia and China previously visiting. Is he really claiming Trump is worse than Mohammad bin Salman or President Xi Jinping?

Now for the icing on the hypocritical cake.

Sadiq Khan, in his previous job as a human rights lawyer, passionately defended notorious Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who has denounced white people as ‘devils’, described Jews as ‘bloodsucking cockroaches’ and called Hitler a ‘very great man’.

But apparently, Trump is the ‘Nazi’.

Khan even led a legal bid for Farrakhan’s ban on travelling to Britain to be lifted, and denied his client was either anti-Semitic or a preacher of ‘racial hatred’.

The truth is, Sadiq Kahn, Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Jones don’t speak for the majority of Brits. They are just part of a very vocal minority.

How do I know?

Because recent history and current polls tell us so.

I’m not the biggest fan of Nigel Farage, especially in regards to his weird stance on Islam, but I can’t wait to see him become the next Prime Minister of Great Britain. And he will.

The man launched his Brexit party less than three months ago which smashed their way through the European Elections. Walking into the EU as the largest single party to be represented there – the best part is; they won on the single issue of leaving that same corrupt institution.

But it gets better. His party is now polling higher than both the major parties in the UK.

This proves that Trump’s good mate, Farage, is more popular than any of these clowns. People may be scared to show their public support of the Trumps and Farage’s in the real fear of being labeled a ‘fascist’ and ‘nazi’ or even worse losing their jobs. But when given the chance, in the privacy of the ballot box – the majority of Brits stand with Farage and by association with Trump too.

So you morons who actually followed Corbyn, Owens, and Khan onto the streets of London to protest Trump, with your sad little blimp:

Firstly, remember the only reason you’re out there today is because of the heroic British and American forces that fought, bled and died that day 75 years ago to protect your freedoms to do so.

Try to show some respect.

All your jumping up and down changed nothing. President Donald J Trump is enjoying his state visit and the red carpet was rightfully laid out for him.

I met you all last time you had a hissy fit about Trump in London and I realised then that you not only pose no threat but thanks to you the majority of the UK is now waking up. They’re sick of you and petty your tantrums and you are the ones motivating the people to vote for the exact change you are so desperately trying to stop.

Continue screeching in your pathetic echo chamber and try to enjoy both Brexit and a Farage led government coming your way.

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