WATCH: James English Meets Tommy Robinson

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TOMMY Robinson met with James English last month in a wide-ranging interview that revealed the real Tommy Robinson.

James English has his own podcast – The Anything Goes Show, a show where literally anything goes, it does what it says on the tin. James talks to all sorts of people from Footballers, Comedians, Stars of Stage & Screen, Serious Criminals, Porn Stars and Joe Public.

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Tommy Robinson, 36 discussed his recent European Election campaign, why he holds the views he does, and speaks about threats to his life and multiple Osman warnings.

Tommy described himself as ‘marmite’ in the interview and said that he has faced both love and hate on the streets of Britain because mainstream media have portrayed him as a very different man to those who really know him.

He spoke on the reasons why he holds the views he does and describes Luton as a ‘shithole, but [his] shithole.’ Tommy reveals a love-hate relationship with his hometown that has become one of the most diverse in Europe.

Robinson also revealed that he has been trying to get left-wing students to understand ‘the real him.’

He explained that when he was born in 1982, there was one Mosque, in 2019 there are now 32.

“Trying to get someone who’s not from somewhere like Luton to get where I am is hard” added Tommy.

“I don’t hate Muslims, I love them! but that doesn’t change the fact there’s a problem, that problem is linked to Islam, it’s linked to scripture.”

“I’ve watched my town change, I’ve watched the appeasement.”

“The Pakistani community doesn’t integrate.”

“From the minute I started talking about it, it opened my eyes to a world I did not know I lived in”

Tommy added that he wasn’t afraid to talk about the problems caused by Islam, he said that talking about Islam and  criticising Islam doesn’t mean he hates every individual Muslim, something mainstream media publishes all the time, they conflate ideology with people as though they are the same thing? They are not.

“If you line up my friends, were all the sons of immigrants” added Tommy, “But I’ve seen the problems that come from Islam.”


Tommy also talked about left-wing hate and said that the real hatred comes from liberals.

“The venom in their faces, the left has become intolerant, the left has become violent, the left has become the fascists, the extreme, it’s the left who hate.”

“I don’t hate, I love my country, the average person is on my side,” added Tommy.

“The average person feels silent.”

Tommy also spoke about the lack of freedom in Britain, adding that Britain “wasn’t free”.

“We’re supposed to live on the bedrock of freedom and democracy, [but] no one is free, no one has freedom, no one has free speech.”


James also asked Tommy about his European Election campaign.

“The British public saw the unlevel playing field of the law, the media and social media.”

“They saw the lies.”

He also touched on the shocking attack in Oldham when members of the Muslim Defence League (who organised on Facebook) targeted Robinson and his followers who had gathered on a housing estate during a campaign rally.

“The Oldham video was censored” said Tommy.

“Only a select few numbers of people have seen the video, I’m censored, if I had my social media the whole country would have seen it.”

James asked if Tommy thought there was a conspiracy against him.

Tommy replied: “I don’t think there’s a conspiracy, the whole world knows there is, everyone can see it.”

“I bring out Panodrama and the next day I’m removed from all social media.”

Tommy also discusses his latest court case dated for the 4th of July at the Old Bailey.

Listen or download the whole podcast HERE.

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