WATCH As Project Veritas EXPOSE CNN Again

by TR News

Everyone knows that Jeff Zucker uses his network as a Democrat media arm to bludgeon Donald Trump. Watch as Project Veritas expose CNN again.

CNN The Fake News Network

President Donald Trump is currently fighting another attempt to remove him from office because the much-vaunted Russian collusion delusion came up with absolutely nothing. No conspiracy, no collusion and no obstruction of justice, what a bummer for the donkeys! The Democrats were butt-hurt beyond belief which only exacerbated the liberal mental illness of Trump Derangement Syndrome.
Ever since then, Democrats and media outlets have gone into overdrive to conspire and collude with each other to oppose Donald Trump and the Republican Party. They have waited patiently before releasing the sequel to the Russian collusion delusion. The new movie is called “the impeachment” which house Democrats have been frothing and foaming over like hydrophobic dogs on heat.
Rabid, unhinged and desperate Democrats have had to come to terms with their favourite fake-news network being outed as the partisan prostitutes they are AGAIN. CNN, which is better known as the Counterfeit News Network, has been stung by James O’Keefe and his team at Project Veritas.
Watch part 1 above as a CNN insider sheds sunlight on the vampiric shadow of an alleged “news-network”.

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