War Hero Fights Coronavirus With The NHS!

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Captain Tom Moore is a 99-year-old British Army veteran who still has plenty of fight in him. War Hero Fights Coronavirus With The NHS!

The Very Best Of British

Captain Tom Moore was conscripted into the British Army at the tender age of 20 years. He joined the 8th Battalion of The Duke of Wellington’s Regiment and was sent to the Cornish coast to defend Britain, the country he loves, from the threat of Nazi invasion.

Tom was selected for officer training and rose through the ranks to become a Captain. Captain Tom was deployed in Arakan Burma to fight Japanese invaders who had overrun the British colony there. The Japanese were eventually defeated by an “inter-allied co-operation” involving the British and Indian Army, American and Chinese forces, and the Burmese themselves.

Family Matters

When Captain Tom completed his service with the British Army, he returned to his native Yorkshire and pursued his hobby – racing his Yorkshire manufactured Scott motorbike. He also organised the annual reunion of the Duke of Wellington Regiment for sixty-four years.

While working as a salesman, Captain Tom found love and married Pamela. They had two daughters and were together for more than forty years. Sadly his beloved wife Pamela passed away in 2006, she succumbed to dementia before passing away. Captain Tom looked after her to the very end, dealing with a condition that left her unable to recognise him.

Tom’s son in law said:

‘He is a man of real determination, a sense of duty to his country and absolute dignity. His character on TV is exactly how he is in private. He still has an amazing sense of dry Yorkshire humour.’

Thank You NHS Hero's

Thank You NHS Hero’s

Indebted To The NHS

After Toms wife Pamela passed, he moved to Bedfordshire to live with his daughter Hannah. Two years ago he was admitted to hospital after falling and fracturing his hip. Tom also received treatment from the NHS after developing skin cancer. Tom is a man of conviction, he wanted to give something back to the NHS during these difficult times.

Captain Tom fought on the front lines in Burma, his selfless contribution serving Queen and country played its part in defeating Imperial Japanese and Nazi occupiers bringing an end to the war. Tom recognised that NHS workers are also on the front line playing their part. The battle may be different, but their service, selflessness, sacrifice and personal risk to their lives MUST be recognised.

Captain Tom became an online sensation. He decided to raise money for NHS charities by walking 100 lengths of his back garden. Tom promised ten laps a day, and the British public responded, supporting him all the way. At the time of writing this article, Captain Tom has raised over eighteen million pounds for NHS Charities Together.

Captain Tom, we salute you, you represent the very best of British. Your continued service to this great nation and support for a truly great cause is humbling. You deserve a knighthood!

If you would like to support Captain Tom Moore, please visit his just giving page HERE and donate whatever you can.

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