Wale Babatunde – British Patriot, Historian, Man Of God

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Peter McIlvenna And Alan Craig interviewed a man with an unrivalled passion for the Gospel. Wale Babatunde – British Patriot, Historian, Man Of God.

A Heart Of Oak

On the first of March 2020, our good colleagues at Hearts Of Oak introduced a man, a man with an unrivalled passion, for Britain, patriotism, history and the Christian Gospel. That man was Pastor Wale Babatunde. Pastor Babatunde was born in Nigeria; he is one of six children. The preaching of Timothy Oluwole Obadare (from the Apostolic Church) probably influenced his love and devotion for the Christian Gospel as a young man growing up in his native Nigeria.

In 1990 Pastor Wale received divine inspiration; he felt a calling to the United Kingdom. In 1992 he became a UK missionary and ever since then he has held a deep, passionate respect and love for Britain, British culture, it’s history and the good it spread all across the world. Pastor Wale is a naturalised citizen of the UK, passionate and patriotic to the core!

He has written several books during his ministry here in the UK, three of which are “Great Men And Women Who Made Britain Great” then there was “Great Britain has Fallen” and “Awake Great Britain”. Each of these books delve into the rich history of our country, the influence of Christianity on political and social reformers, scientists and industrialists who brought freedom and prosperity not only to Britain but also to the rest of the world. Pastor Wale has also challenged the religious “status quo” within the modern Anglican church. He is a great believer in Christianity playing a pivotal role in modern-day politics and looks towards a Christian political reformation to Make Britain Great Again.

Pastor Wale Babatunde - Booksigning

Pastor Wale Babatunde – Booksigning

Recognising Indigenous Difficulties

Pastor Wale spoke at the launch of Hearts Of Oak on the first of March with Tommy Robinson; he gave a speech that produced a rapturous applause from the audience.

He said:

“You know we have allowed foreigners to take over. I hear the passion. Let me tell you something. I am a black man, I am a Nigerian, and I feel so disgusted that people from outside would come into somebody else’s nation, and you want to take over, you wanna change their culture, and yet the indigenous don’t have the right to speak their mind. It’s a shame!”

A good man of any race or nationality is a good man. You can watch Pastor Wale Babatunde’s speech at the Hearts Of Oak launch below.

If you would like to follow Pastor Wale Babatunde you can find his ministry here at the World Harvest Christian Centre.

Don’t forget that Tommy Robinson will feature on the Hearts Of Oak YouTube livestream this Thursday at 8.05 pm. Save this link below to tune in.

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