Waging Financial Jihad And Destroying The Truth

by TR News

Tommy has to fight yet another civil case in court because a Muslim terror apologist lawyer is waging financial jihad – attempting to destroy the truth.

If you can, please consider donating to Tommy’s legal fund. Please click on the link – www.SupportingTheTruth.com

Getting To The Truth Costs Money

Tommy dared to make a public defence of Bailey and his family who have had to endure a torrid time after a video went viral of Bailey pouring water on Jamal’s head at school. The virtue signalling gutter press decided (without any context) that Bailey was responsible for a racially motivated hate crime against a “poor Syrian refugee”. Tommy allowed Bailey and others to give their side of the story, a story that mainstream media were too lazy or scared to report on given the protections placed on refugees these days.

Taking a small video, with little to no context, and then proceeding to destroy a boy and his family with no journalistic “due-diligence” is as reprehensible as it is unfair. Tommy will have his day in court, and witnesses will have the chance to provide their version of events that led to the videoed altercation between Bailey and Jamal. There is far more to this story than political activists in mainstream media would like you to know, so please spread the word, share this everywhere and keep supporting the truth!
Below you will find the costs that have been agreed between Tommy’s legal team and Jamal’s legal team.
Tommy's Court Costs

Tommy’s Court Costs


Please help Tommy by clicking on this link to make a donation towards his legal fees – www.SupportingTheTruth.com

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