Vote For Trump – Destroy The Globalist Agenda!

by TR News

Today our American cousins go out to polling stations to cast their votes. Vote For Trump – Destroy The Globalist Agenda!

A Vote For Freedom

During the 2016 presidential election, just about every pollster, every media outlet and big tech tyrant tried to turn Americans away from voting for Donald J Trump by exerting their influence and power over the people. Hillary Clinton had a 91% chance of beating the Donald according to the New York Times. Every national poll (apart from Rasmussen) had it in the bag for Hillary Clinton weeks before the 2016 election.

They had it so wrong!

Hillary Clinton Winner?

The American people no longer wanted more of the same establishment types who continually failed the people they were elected to represent. Washington establishment politicians could not care less for the American people; they were too busy living in a bubble, far removed from middle America; they were too busy enriching themselves, which weakened America domestically and internationally. While Barack Hussain Obama held the reigns, America led from behind.

Then Donald J Trump rocked the very foundations of Washington; he won the electoral college vote with conviction, his message resonated with American voters. The time of America leading from behind had come to an abrupt end. The time for “politics as usual” had come to an end. The American people voted in a disruptor, someone who would stand up to the demonic globalist cabal and put Americans and America first.

The Defender In Chief

Donald Trump’s election offended the Washington establishment; he shook them to the very core of their political being. A non-politician as the President and Cheif Executive of America had become an unconscionable reality for the deep state Washington establishment; they had to work in whatever way they could to “resist” his presidency.

And so they did.

Chants of “resist 45” echoed through Washington, Democrat-controlled states and cities across the USA. Before Donald Trump even attended his inauguration, he was being spied on by deep state operatives in the FBI, the CIA and the NSA.

Part Of A Globalist Cabal – The Deep State

At the beginning of Donald Trump’s tenure, he had to endure multiple attacks from within. His staff were victims of multiple Obama era unmasking requests which led to multiple leaks to a hostile press. His private telephone calls with world leaders were also leaked to a hostile press.

He had to endure a “Russian collusion delusion” manufactured by the Democrats which was repetitively played ad absurdum by mainstream media. This delusion and derangement culminated in the now-debunked and ineffectual Muller investigation. It concluded that Donald Trump had not committed any crime.

Then there was an impeachment attempt to remove him from office which was nothing more than a far-left play by the likes of Maxine Waters and AOC plus three. That attempt fell flat on its face. Then shortly after comes the China plague, a disease that started in China, something that nearly ruined the American economy, something that continues to destroy European economies. Thankfully President Donald J Trump has made the American economy strong and resilient; he managed to absorb the devastation that comes with this commie disease, and now he’s rebuilding America again.

While European economies quietly slump into economic oblivion like lemmings being led off a cliff, America is flourishing; its economy gains strength every single day under Donald Trump’s presidency.

The Great Economic Reset

As Europe and the wider world fall foul of a virus that 99+ percent of people survive from, Donald Trump is providing leadership, and a counter to the impending World Economic Forums (Davos) strategy of a global “Great Economic Reset”, one aided and abetted by none other than HRH The Prince Of Wales. Good old Charlie boy knows where his bread is buttered and what side he is on, it does not appear to be the United Kingdoms. He appears to be on the side of a globalist cabal who despise the idea of nation-states and putting your country’s interests and its people’s interests first. That figures!

Fuck Your Great Reset

Today our American cousins go to the polls to cast their votes, so today we implore all freedom-loving Americans residing here in the United Kingdom to cast their votes for President Donald J Trump. Give him your vote, give him the power and the means to make America Great Again.

Your vote is a vote for freedom; it is a vote to bring down the globalist cabal who despise nation-states and love for your country. Western civilisation is at stake here, and no that’s not a dramatic turn of phrase, only Donald J Trump is tough enough, powerful enough, resourceful enough and ideologically invested in the destruction of an insidious cancer – globalism.

Love your country, embrace patriotism, vote for Donald J Trump, the only man standing in the way of a globalist power grab. Freedom-loving people all over the western world are counting on you and your vote, make the difference!


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