Victory Over Japan Ended The Second World War

by TR News

Today we remember and pay our respect to all those who fought in the Pacific. Victory Over Japan Ended The Second World War.

Never Forget

The end of world war two was celebrated on VJ Day (Victory over Japan). On the 15th August 1945, President Harry Trueman declared victory at a press conference. On the 6th and 9th of August 1945, the USA dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki which forced Japanese Emperor Hirohito to concede…

“Should we continue to fight, it would not only result in the ultimate collapse and obliteration of the Japanese nation but would lead also to the total extinction of human civilisation.”

What Emperor Hirohito failed to tell his people was that the Allies delivered an ultimatum to him on the 28th July 1945 telling him to surrender. He refused.

British and Allied forces were based in Hong Kong, Malaya, Singapore, the Dutch East Indies and Burma in what turned out to be a hideous and cruel war in the Pacific costing hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of lives.

On the 20th of August 1945 British Prime Minister Clement Atlee (who had only defeated Winston Churchil weeks earlier in an election) declared…

“The last of our enemies is laid low.”

He went on to thank Britain’s allies in Australia and New Zealand, India, Burma, all countries occupied by Japan and to the USSR. He reserved special praise for the USA…

“without whose prodigious efforts the war in the East would still have many years to run”.

Today we remember them and their sacrifice; a sacrifice that brought an end to the second world war.

Lest we forget!

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