Victims Of Terrorist Attack Seek Compensation

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The Van Used On London Bridge Terrorist Attack

On Saturday the third of June 2017 three Muslim terrorists inspired by ISIS carried out an attack which left eight people dead and forty-eight more injured. Now victims of terrorist attack seek compensation.

What Happened that Fateful day

Just before 10 pm on Saturday the third of June, three Muslim terrorists drove a van onto London Bridge, mounted the pavement and ploughed into pedestrians.

One of the victims killed got hit so hard the force of the impact sent him over the bridge and into the river. His lifeless body was later found downstream.

A BBC reporter who was there at the time witnessed the van travelling at around fifty miles per hour swerving to hit another five or six people.

Once the van had crossed the bridge, it crashed near the Barrowboy and Banker pub. Three men got out and then proceeded towards Borough Market stabbing and slashing anyone they could on their terrorist rampage.

People in the market attempted to fight the attackers off using crates, glasses and chairs, whatever they could find to fend them off. A witness to this attack said:

“They were running up shouting, ‘This is for Allah’. They stabbed this girl maybe ten times, fifteen times.”

The emergency services were alerted to the incident at seven and eight minutes past ten. Police arrived at the scene to evacuate the area; two officers got seriously hurt tackling the terrorists, and four others got injured during the scuffle.

The Faces Of Pure Evil

The Faces Of Pure Evil

By sixteen minutes past ten armed Police shot dead all three terrorists who were wearing fake suicide vests. The terrorists were later identified as Khuram Shazad Butt (British Citizen born in Pakistan), Rachid Redouane (a Moroccan Lybian), and Youssef Zaghba (a Moroccan-Italian). All three lived in East London.

Victims Of Terrorist Attack Seek Compensation

The victims of this terrible attack are now seeking compensation for their injuries. Due to a change in the law that only happened three weeks beforehand, they now have to claim against the van rental company the terrorists used.

Unfortunately for the victims, this change in the law has created a two-tier system of compensation. Those who were stabbed and slashed by the terrorists have to claim from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Agency. That agency provides smaller payouts.

Patrick Maguire, a personal injury lawyer from Slater and Gordon, who represents several victims, said:

“Those hit by van are able to pursue a normal civil claim against the insurer, which means we are able to quickly secure vital financial support for ongoing care, rehabilitation and loss of earnings.

“However, those stabbed can only pursue the Criminal Injuries Compensation Agency, meaning financial support is far more limited, with no assistance with their rehabilitation or financial losses.

“It’s difficult to explain this to a client who was stabbed that they’re likely to receive much less help and financial support than someone hit by the van – they rightly don’t see how that’s fair.”

Victims Killed By Muslim Terrorists

Victims Killed By Muslim Terrorists

Everyone should petition the government about this issue; all of these people are victims of terrorism and should be treated fairly.

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