Update On The 24th

by TR News

Organising demonstrations can be a thankless task, but sometimes hard decisions have to be made, that is why we are giving you a further update on the 24th.

Everyone should be aware by now that the #FreeTommy demonstration planned for the 24th of August is officially cancelled. It is a decision that has not been taken lightly, and we are aware that not everyone will be happy with that decision.
The Metropolitan Police force was concerned about the demo, especially after we highlighted their “heavy-handed” approach and willingness to create flashpoints of agitation and conflict with the far-left of Antifa.
We told them that we did not want to deal with them anymore because they did not honour agreements. They changed the planning of the last demo very late in the day which we have already highlighted. We did not approach them, however, due to their “concerns” we thought we could get them to keep the far-left of Antifa away from us at the very least. If the Met could facilitate this reasonable request that would inevitably make for a more peaceful demonstration. That would be a win-win situation for everyone; it would keep agitation and the potential for conflict to a minimum, in fact, it could stop it altogether. However, it became obvious the Met Police had no intention of doing so, therefore engineering more agitation and the potential for yet more flashpoints of conflict.
With this in mind, Tommy had to be made aware of this, and as a result, he did not want patriots getting fitted up for ridiculous charges by a politicised Police force. If anyone knows about being fitted up, he should know!
While Tommy and us here at TR.News knew this would not be a popular decision to make; it was one made with the best of intentions because of the concerns that had been raised. Tommy does not want innocent patriotic men, women, children, the elderly and veterans caught up in a political trap and attacked. At the same time, organisers and Tommy were well aware that some patriots would go ahead anyway, which is their choice and their right to do so.
Everybody has a legal right to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. Police cannot stop a static protest, and we can’t prevent people from exercising that right to protest. All that we ask is that you do so peacefully, be mindful of the concerns that have been raised. Don’t give the Police an excuse to fit you up with ridiculous charges, take a camera, take video footage and look out for one another.

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