Unhinged, Unemployed, Under-Performing And Under Fire!

by TR News

John Sweeney had to leave the BBC because Tommy Robinson exposed him as a fraud. After seventeen years service, John has become unhinged, unemployed, under-performing and under-fire!

Panodrama The End Was Nigh!

Tommy Robinson and his team pulled off one of the major coups of the year which should have had him at the very least, nominated for a British Journalism Award. Tommy and his team single-handedly took down and exposed the British Broadcasting Corporation, the programme-makers of Panorama and of course it’s lead investigative “journalist” John Sweeney.

John Recently posted a little twitter tirade and left the BBC with a parting shot to Tommy. You see Tommy had the audacity to expose John’s fraudulent and fallacious dirty little smear merchant ways. Tommy should have laid down like a good little boy and accepted the slanderous manufactured lies of John Sweeney, Nick Lowles and his partisan staff at Hope Not Hate. However, Tommy had other ideas.

You can read more about that HERE.

John Sweeney Panodrama

If It Wasnt For You Damn Kids I’d Have Probably Got Away With This!

Unhinged, Unemployed, Under-Performing And Under Fire

Since Tommy put John Sweeney in his place and exposed him for the journalistic fraud he is, John has been sulking in Italy on an “extended vacation” at the expense of BBC licence payers. While John was living it up in a part of Itlay that is an alcoholic’s wet dream, the BBC were “investigating” him.

After much deliberation, Johns position at the BBC had become untenable, the proof stacked against him was too much even for the legal minds of the BBC to justify keeping him there. So John was sacked, we mean he was asked to leave. No that’s surely not right, no John left of his own accord because he wanted to go totally freelance, that was it!

Johns first bit of freelance “journalism” involved cutting and editing footage to paint a Nazi narrative of Tommy. His video insinuated Tommy was some kind of Hitlerian apologist playing to the baying mobs of the Adolf Hitler Appreciation Society.

Although Tommy has more than adequately ripped John another anus to speak out of by AGAIN exposing his lies and fabrications, we thought you might want to see the totally uncut, unedited version of Tommy’s speech. Tommy attended the Compact Magazine event in Germany where he accepted a European Patriot award.

John Sweeney, the dirty little smear merchant EXPOSED AGAIN!

Here is the video to Tommy’s unedited speech at the event John “selectively” edited to paint his preferred narrative.

Shame on you, John, shame on you!

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