Ungrateful Immigrants Or Dehumanised Immigrants?

by TR News

Sky News uploaded a video and posted it on Twitter and their website showing Lulu Akubaker complaining about the conditions of her “temporary housing”. Are people like Lulu Akubaker ungrateful immigrants or dehumanised immigrants?

A Polarising Debate

Immigration is a polarising topic for debate both the left and the right of the political spheres. The United Kingdom is a welcoming country. The UK is one of the least racist countries in the world today, yet the immigration issue is starting to cause fractures in public discourse and opinion.

One of the most polarising issues that relate to immigration and immigrants coming into the UK is perhaps certain attitudes that arrive with them. For example, Lulu Akubaker was interviewed by Sky News complaining about the conditions of her “temporary housing”.

Ealing Council has a housing shortage, as do many councils throughout the UK. Some councils will utilise old office blocks and shipping containers to provide shelter after modifying them to house families.

There is a sense of desperation and bewilderment here in the UK as the general public have mixed feelings on this matter. Those on the left generally welcome more immigrants who come to the UK, legally or illegally. Those on the right can and do understand why migrants would want to come here, promises of housing and benefits are a magnet for those wanting a better life for themselves. However, it is hard for many to have any empathy for ungrateful immigrants expecting British taxpayers to foot their bill.

Affording Immigration

The UK has a finite amount of recourses, whether that be the NHS, schooling, and of course, the welfare state itself. Immigrants who come to the UK can and do have expectations. The expectation of the British state affording benefits to keep families of immigrants, then house them, can be nothing more than a pipe dream. The reality of the strains on public housing, the NHS and schooling are evident. This means that immigrants who come here dependant on the state are sold a bill of goods that in reality, sometimes cant happen.

Politicians, the European Union and Non-Governmental Organisations are to blame for incentivising immigrants to come to the UK. Many immigrants will arrive totally dependant on the British state and British taxpayers to foot the bill. It is the hard-working tax-paying British public who ultimately pay the price.

Ungrateful Immigrants

The Sky News reporter interviewed an unnamed 29-year-old who allegedly lived in a container for three years. She managed to hop over the channel from the “Calais Jungle” in France in the hope of a better life in Britain. The woman in question had also lived in Eritrea and Sudan, which means she would have had to pass through many “safe countries” to get here, this perhaps rules out the possibility of a “legitimate” asylum claim. The argument then opens up another debate; asylum seekers are supposed to seek asylum in the nearest safe country, “economic migrants”, however, do not. This is where the left and the right tend to “butt heads” because those on the left continually conflate economic migrants with asylum seekers. It is essential to understand the difference between the two.

To further compound the frustration of those on the right (in the most general sense) is an unnamed woman in the Sky News article. The unnamed woman previously lived in Eritrea and Sudan before landing on the shores of Great Britain; she was quoted as saying:

It’s better than Calais, but no-one wishes to live in a container, especially when you have kids.
When I got here and saw all of this, the container, I was crying.

She went onto say that living in a container:

…was worse than when she lived in a “normal house” in Eritrea and Sudan.

You can find the full article HERE.

No doubt attitudes like that spark an inevitable response – why not move back to Eritrea or Sudan then if Great Britain isn’t so good for you?

There are people on the left who will no doubt recoil in disbelief and castigate anyone who dares say such a thing. No doubt those who even think something like that will be deemed a racist, a xenophobe, and a hateful piece of human garbage, a NAZI!

Before the left goes apoplectic over such a statement, they need to consider how or why people can arrive at these thoughts. Firstly, being allowed to stay in Great Britain is a privilege; it’s not a right. This is especially so when people pass through many safe countries to get here and then take full advantage of the British welfare system.

Getting Priorities Straight

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, we have veterans who have been neglected, forgotten and left to rot. Many live rough on the streets of the country they fought for, unsheltered, homeless and destitute.

People see and hear of the “poor migrant” who lives in temporary housing and contrast that to ex-soldiers living and sleeping in shop doorways covered in cardboard with not a pot to piss in. We are pretty sure any ex-forces living on the streets would really appreciate a container to live in. They are sheltered, they are warm, and they have the necessary amenities in which to live. A container is not perfect, but it is something better than a shop doorway for sure. Many ex-forces living rough on the streets of Great Britain also suffer from PTSD, some turn to drugs and alcohol to escape their reality. Some ex-forces even commit suicide to escape their living hell.

What support are they getting? They have paid taxes, they have fought for our country yet you don’t hear much about their plight from the left it seems? Our government and local councils MUST honour the Military Covenant. Our government MUST get the immigration issue sorted out and soon, we need CONTROLLED immigration and get our priorities straight. BREXIT happened for a reason; it wasn’t about racism as the left wants everyone to think; it’s about sovereignty, priorities, community cohesion and helping British people first. Unfettered, uncontrolled immigration into the UK breeds an understandable resentment which if not dealt with, will push people to the extreme fringes.

When people hear immigrants complaining, when many have paid nothing into the system and arrived in the UK EXPECTING better housing and benefits than what they get, that angers people. Those on the left need to understand the reasons behind that anger because it is not misplaced, nor is it racially motivated.

It’s time for the left to wake up!

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