Unconscious Bias, Islamophobia And Religious Cohesion At Universities

by TR News

A recent study about perceptions and challenges in higher education has been published. Unconscious Bias, Islamophobia And Religious Cohesion At Universities

From Quango To Quagmire

Both the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Economic and Social Research Council have banded together to produce what seems to be a parody of contradictions reflected in a mirror of self-flagellation and moral virtue. Both these quasi-autonomous, non-governmental organisations receive an eye-watering amount of tax-payers money annually. They then pump that money into left-wing research projects like “Reforming Legal Gender Identity: A Socio-Legal Evaluation” and “Public Discourses on the Silence of Inherited Trauma” as writer and broadcaster Charlie Peters attests.

The latest cupcake calamity that has sprung from these government assisted organisations is a research paper titled – Islam and Muslims on UK University Campuses: perceptions and challenges. You can find that research paper by clicking HERE.

Lecturing Leftism

Back in 2017, the Adam Smith Institute produced a research paper on higher education in the UK, in that report, it was found that:

“Individuals with left-wing and liberal views are overrepresented in British academia. Those with right-wing and conservative views are correspondingly underrepresented.”

The findings that eight out of ten University lecturers are “left-wing” should come as no surprise. Both here in the UK and the USA, University campuses have gained a reputation for indoctrination as opposed to education. Social justice has become the regurgitated staple of education faculties – ad nauseam. Higher learning is more about enforcing moral virtue, political hegemony and the promotion of feelings above facts. These “core values” are due to a Neo-Marxist/Post Modernist infiltration of well-established Universities across the western world.

Taliban Stoning A Woman To Death

Demagoguery Educating The Dunce

We will only pick up on a few points of the research regarding “Islamophobia” on campuses. Reading the whole paper from start to finish without a stimulant like amphetamine leads to a moribund induced sleep and/or feelings of utter hopelessness. This “woke” paper states in its executive summary (page 5) that Muslims:

“..are more likely than Christian or non-religious students to see anti-discrimination measures as more important than unlimited freedom of expression.”

Let that sink in a moment, the “woke” professors behind this toilet paper have concluded that Muslims place anti-discrimination above freedom of expression. This is a preamble to an institutional exercise paving the way to control language. To learn, one must take chances without repercussion (unless inciting violence) to be offensive and to offend, to provoke thought and discussion, tip-toeing around correct speech codes and dictates enforced by the left is nothing but an impediment to “higher learning” surely?

Page six of the research paper states:

Among students, belief that radicalisation is a problem across UK universities and agreement that Prevent is essential in tackling it are both strongly associated with negative views of Islam and Muslims. In the light of this, it must be asked whether government policy on counterterrorism is helping to maintain negative stereotypes of Islam and Muslims and to encourage Islamophobia.

Let’s not allow facts to get in the way of feelings. The government prevent strategy hones in on Muslims because Muslims are by far the most radicalised religious demographic, it is a demographic that incubates and propagates backward, extreme religious practices and trains of thought – which can and does lead to terrorism. Terror attacks in the UK are carried out (in the main) by Islamic extremists. In 2014 the Spectator ran an article highlighting the fact that 45 percent of British mosques were of the Deobandi sect, the sect of Islam that is at least partly responsible for the rise of the Taliban.

To deny any robust conversations about this fact would be to deny reality surely? We should be robust when dealing with ideologically alligned Taliban sympathies rather than tackling the ghost of unconcious bias.

Prevention is always the best cure.

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