UK’s ‘Islamophobia’ advisor has links to extremist

by TR News

An advisor to the UK government on Islamophobia is revealed to have previous links to a hardline Muslim extremist who had called for the hanging of a woman for blasphemy.

The cleric, Imam Qari Asim, who has been appointed by the UK Government to advise on IslamophobiaI had previously defended the extremist preacher, Khadim Rizvi, who was responsible for calling for Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian, to be executed for blasphemy against Islam, it was reported.

Asia Bibi sadly spent nine years in prison before she was eventually acquitted, but whilst acquitted she has remained in fear of her life from receiving death threats in Pakistan.


Many countries such as Canada, the Netherlands and Italy have all offered her asylum as her life is in danger, however the United Kingdom has not offered her asylum due to the Government fearing her presence might “stoke tensions” within Britain’s Muslim community.

Her whereabouts right now are unknown but there are reports that she is still being held in a “secure location” in Pakistan.

A now deleted Facebook post from Mr Asim in 2017 showed him reportedly expressing and showing loyalty, passion and solidarity for Khadim Rizvi and his organisation which were engaging in extremely violent protests against the Pakistani Government.

Having been selected by the UK Government to be a member of the “Working Group on Anti-Muslim Hatred” you would assume that any such extremist links would be impossible through a stringent vetting and suitability process for any potentially appointed member, however Mr Asim wasn’t the only one of the 11 member UK Government founded group to have been exposed as having such links.

Another member, Mr Ahmed Peerbhai, is reportedly a supporter of the Friends of Al-Aqsa group whose leader, Ismail Patel, has previously defended the terrorist group Hamas, saying, “Hamas is no terrorist organisation… we salute Hamas for standing up to Israel.”

The British government has faced huge criticism in the past for working with Islamic hardliners. In 2018, the Home Office received criticism about it seeking a “re-engagement” with the Muslim Council of Britain.

The Muslim council of Britain has received in excess of £150,000 of British taxpayer funding whilst at the same time been involved in many scandals, including but not limted to the praising of the terrorist organisation Hamas and also calling for Muslims to “resist” British troops.

The Muslim council of Britain, which describes itself as Britain’s “national representative Muslim body”, is said to have only a tiny amount of support from the Muslim population overall due to its hardline views, with one poll showing that only two per cent considered it their main route to engage with the Government on their behalf.

In another previous Government scandal relating to relationships with Islamist hardliners, Max Hill QC, England’s chief prosecutor since 2018, was criticised for work in his previous role as Independent Reviewer of Terrorist Legislation, in which he had met with many groups with extremist connections including CAGE, which had described Islamic State beheader “Jihadi John” as “extremely gentle” and “beautiful”.

Mr Hill also met with the Muslim Engagement and Development (MEND) group, which has been described as “Islamists masquerading as civil libertarians” by think tank the Henry Jackson Society, and The Cordoba Foundation, branded a “political front for the Muslim Brotherhood” by former Prime Minister David Cameron.


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