UKIP National Executive Council Are Shafting Gerard Batten

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Tommy Robinson And Gerard Batten

Gerrard Batten is one of the very few politicians who is brave enough to put his head over the parapet and make public his support for Tommy Robinson. Now we find the UKIP National Executive Council are shafting Gerrard Batten.

Everyone is aware that after the recent European Elections Gerard Batten said he would stand down as UKIP leader. However, he also kept open the possibility of running for the UKIP leadership role again despite tendering his resignation.

On Twitter, Gerard announced that due to overwhelming support from UKIP members, he was going to stand in the leadership election again.

Gerard Batten Going Public About His Leadership Intentions

Gerard Batten Going Public About His Leadership Intentions

UKIP National Executive Council Are Shafting Gerard Batten

Gerards decision to do this clearly infuriated the UKIP National Executive Council, Piers Wauchope, the returning officer and interim UKIP leader said:

“By the time you receive this, you may have heard the news that the NEC ruled on Sunday that Gerard Batten should not be allowed to stand in the coming election for the leadership of the party.

Gerard chose to submit his nomination papers shortly before the deadline for nominations after having said before then that he was not going to stand. Several potential candidates decided not to put in nomination papers that afternoon once they discovered that he was standing after all.”

You can find more about that by clicking HERE.

Gerrard Batten submitted his intention to run for UKIP leader before the deadline to do so expired. However, that did not stop the NEC passing a motion to prevent him from running again. This action from the NEC has understandably infuriated and angered many UKIP members who have threatened to cancel their membership. They have also accused the NEC of destroying UKIP from the inside.

Could crony supporters of Nigel Farage be playing a pivotal part in the attempted demise of UKIP?


Gerard Batten – A Supporter Of Tommy Robinson

Gerrard Batten and Lord Pearson of Rannoch are a minority of politicians who understand Tommy Robinson. They know the British state is persecuting him, not because of what he has done, but because of who he is.

Gerard Batten Supports Tommy Robinson

Gerard Batten Supports Tommy Robinson

Lord Pearson of Rannoch has worked tirelessly in the background to ensure Tommy’s safety while serving time in Belmarsh prison. We thank him for making those efforts; his help does not go unnoticed.

You can find out for yourselves what Lord Pearson has been doing to help Tommy by clicking HERE.

How To Help Gerard

Alan Craig is the UKIP secretary of Havering branch and a Parliamentary pass-holder for Lord Pearson. He is a friend and supporter of Gerard Batten who is deeply upset with the NEC and their behaviour towards Gerard’s legitimate bid for UKIP leadership. He is now taking the NEC to task and asking them to overturn their decision to block Gerard from running in the leadership race.

You can find more about how Alan is using a legal framework to challenge the NEC and hold them to account by clicking HERE.

We thank Gerard and Lord Pearson for their support.

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