Transphobic Or Truth-Telling? Is Truth Really Hate?

by TR News

Maya Forstater used to work at The Centre For Global Development, a think-tank used by policy-makers. Is Maya transphobic or truth-telling? Is truth really hate?

Truth Isn’t Transphobia

Today will be an exciting day for it will be a day where the feminist cause goes into battle against the perpetually offended policies influenced by the LGBT lobby, most notably the T (as if that should surprise you).

Maya Forstarter is an avowed feminist. She dared to hold an opinion in direct contravention of the dogmatic tenets espoused by the church of Trans. She got dismissed from her job for holding an opinion about biological sex and the effects a proposed policy of ‘gender self-ID’ could have on women and girls. The “negative impacts” Maya has been talking about are featured in the video above.

The Centre For Global Development found that Maya engaged in the criminality of having an opinion. Last summer, she tweeted about the definition of a woman and the UK government’s proposal for ‘gender self-ID’. The Centre For Global Development may champion “diversity” in ethnicity, sexuality and gender/sex, however “diversity of opinion” is not something they champion at all.

Centre For Global Development - Wants Diversity, Just Not Diversity Of Opinion

Centre For Global Development – Wants Diversity, Just Not Diversity Of Opinion

TR.News has already published an article touching on this subject matter. We looked at a case in Ireland where a trans boy’s mother wanted to legally change his biological birth sex and obtain a “Gender Recognition Certificate”. In Ireland, legislation has already been passed, which allows a man to change not just his gender, but his biological sex legally. You can find that by clicking HERE.

Maya's Twitter Feed

Maya’s Twitter Feed

Ex-Communicated By The Church Of Woke

It turns out that taking to twitter to express an opinion that is divergant from the doctrines of the LGBT church is a sackable offence. The LGBT cause is no longer a movement, it is a religion, and blasphemers will be punished according to scripture. Although Maya is an Anti-Trump pussy hat wearing feminist, she crossed a line, her transphobic yet truthful transgressions cost her her job. The Centre For Global Development found her factual arguments for womens/girls rights and her affinity for womanhood to be “biological” a step too far. She was released from her post, an instant ex-communication from the LGBT chaper of the church of woke.

Maya is giving evidence today as she is taking her ex-empolyer to an employment tribunal, she believes that ‘gender critical’ beliefs are protected under the Equality Act 2010. This will be quite an important test case, it will be interesting to see how this feminist fights for her right to hold an opinion and speek freely about it. We will keep an eye on how the tribunal concludes and update you in due course.

We may have very little in common with Maya ideologically, but we do support her right to hold and express an opinion based on facts. Women and men are biologically different, who would have thought that would be such a controversial thing to say? Mind you we do live in an age of regressive progressivism.

The woke will continue to cannibalise.

If you would like to read more about Maya’s story please click HERE.

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