Tory ISLAMOPHOBIA Or Just Common Sense?

by TR News

Today left-wing tabloid the Mirror published an article showcasing that almost half of Tory members want to reduce the amount of Muslims who wish to enter the U.K.

The Mirror cites a YouGov poll for Hope Not Hate that shows 40% of Tories believe in a reduction of Muslims coming to the U.K. You can find that HERE.

The poll also shows that more than two-thirds of respondents believe that parts of the U.K. operate under sharia law, and around 45% believe there are “no-go areas” for Non-Muslims.

The Mirror also reported that 39% of respondents think that “Islamist terrorists reflect a widespread hostility to Britain amongst the Muslim community” – as if that should shock anyone?

The angle that Hope Not Hate went for was the fact that only 8% of Conservatives agreed they would be proud of having a Muslim Prime Minister, they forgot to mention the “problematic” affiliations of Muslim MP’s, you need only look to Baroness Warsi and her “radical” employment drive. You can see that HERE.

People, understandably, do not seem to trust Muslim politicians, that train of thought does have credibility as well as reach.

The Muslim community is full of powerful Islamist groups who espouse hatred and disdain for a majority Christian, secular, democratic society, these groups run mosques, madrassas and sharia courts all over the country polluting young Muslim minds with religious supremacist ideals.

You can find plenty of reasons why Islam and Muslims SHOULD be criticised HERE.

After looking at the information we source in that article it is easy to understand WHY people have such a low opinion of the Islamic community, especially so when the tentacles of the Muslim Brotherhood can be found pretty much everywhere, even the British Armed Forces isn’t immune to their reach. We published an article about that HERE.

The Strategy Of The Far-Left

Matthew McGregor, a campaign director for Hope Not Hate said:

“From the grassroots to the great offices of state, Conservative members buy into racist myths, with almost half unwilling to have a Muslim Prime Minister – and only 8% being proud to have one – and most denying that there’s even an issue to confront.”

What Matthew fails to see is that the Muslim Council Of Britain, the Islamic Society Of Britain and the Muslim Association Of Britain ALL have links to the Muslim Brotherhood. These organisations are by far the most popular, most revered and most influential. They are influential because the far-left of British politics give them a political platform. Neither do we forget that there are other groups who are just as bad, perhaps with less influence maybe, but juts as bad.

Just take a second and google the following search term – “influential Muslim organisations in the U.K.” – See what pops up.

There is nothing “mythical” about hatred and intolerance taught in mosques and madrassas, there is nothing “mythical” about sharia courts discriminating against women in a system of religious law, there is nothing “mythical” when it comes to reading Islamic texts which are clearly full of hate, misogyny, homophobia and death for unbelievers. There is nothing “mythical” about the agenda and operations of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Legitimate Concerns

In 2015 the U.K Government produced a paper that specifically reviewed what the Muslim Brotherhood is and what it seeks to achieve. You can find that report HERE.

One need only to look at the most recent attempt of the MCB to push for a legal definition of Islamophobia which in essence will drive home one of the many strategies of the Muslim Brotherhood, a blasphemy law for Islam in the West.

We have produced articles on that topic HERE and HERE and HERE.

Hope Not Hate has worked with and promoted groups such as the MCB and MEND, hardly liberal or tolerant organisations by any means, so for them to demand that there is a problem of “Islamophobia” within the Conservative party should come as no surprise to anyone with an ounce of common sense. You can read more about that HERE.

When Nick Lowles says:

“It is time for the next leader of the Conservative Party, and this country, to show real leadership and tackle the issue of Islamophobia within your party. HOPE not hate is on hand to be a partner in this work.”

We should not take him seriously, neither should the Conservative party when he rubs shoulders with Islamic organisations who have an Anti-British leaning and links to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Fight For Controlled Immigration

There ARE good reasons for reducing the amount of Muslims coming into the U.K. People who are diametrically opposed to British Culture, British Law, Democracy and Freedom Of Speech will not fit in well. It would be fair to say they just won’t fit in at all, unless of course they are pushed into Islamic ghettos where they will thrive in their ever growing segregated communities.

We need to tackle critical issues within the Islamic community without importing more of the same backward Anti-British sentiment.

That’s not racist, it’s not Islamophobic (a stupid manufactured word) it’s just common sense. Deal with problems before you add more to them.

CONTROLLED immigration is a must for the protection of the British public, our welfare system and our schools and hospitals while also preserving a very tolerant Western culture.

How can that be unreasonable, racist or bigoted?

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