Tommy’s Court Appearance – A Consideration

by TR News

Tommy went to court again, the sixth time actually, for charges that were enacted through the Contempt Of Court Act 1981.

We all know Tommy went to Leeds crown court and asked at the time “alleged” Muslim child abusers “how they felt” as they attended court for their convictions and sentencing.

Tommy, at the time, knew there was a reporting restriction; however, he only read out details of the alleged perpetrators which were already publicised by other media outlets, it wasn’t as if he was the first to put that information out into the public domain.

Tommy was arrested, they were not.

Tommy even spoke to a police officer standing outside court at the time, asking him where he can stand, confirming the court boundary, again showing an awareness of his responsibilities.

Tommy noticed that some Muslim women walking into court were wearing a hijab, he decided not to put them on camera and ask them questions because he didn’t know if they were there supporting the alleged paedophiles.

In other words, he was conscious of his legal requirements as he attended a media law training session with London law firm Kingsley Napley. The training session was taken after he reported on another Muslim rape gang who were tried at Canterbury crown court, Tommy’s reporting of that matter earned him a three month suspended jail sentence at the time.

Police then arrested Tommy for a “breach of the peace.” He was taken away, and 5 hours later he was convicted of “Contempt Of Court” and sentenced for 13 months in a category C prison full of Muslim inmates, that’s just about the quickest trial in the history of our nation.

That’s Tommy through and through, always breaking records!

You can see the Facebook live feed of what happened HERE.

Tommy prepared this statement in October last year which you can view HERE.

Tommy articulately details and pushes back against everything the government were throwing at him concerning “contempt of court.”

Tommy was released from prison on 1st August because Lord Burnett, Mr Justice Turner and Mrs Justice McGowan found procedural failings by the judge who jailed Robinson for 13 months at Leeds Crown Court which “gave rise to unfairness” and meant proceedings were “fundamentally flawed”.

Fast forward seven months and Tommy will have to answer the serious charge of “making a guilty Muslim paedophile anxious” as you can see below.


Causing anxiety to a Muslim paedophile


Its official, there is the “offence” of causing a filthy child molester “anxiety.” Our good friends at the Sikh Awareness Society also reported outside of Leeds Crown Court on the same gang, you can watch their video HERE.

Its quite apparent the police are more than able to facilitate a protest and also send the child abusers into court, but if your name is Tommy Robinson then different rules apply. One man causes “anxiety” while a group of justifiably angry people do not?

We are not sure if the court papers here were written by some kind of sick joker as it states the Muslim paedophile “should be able to travel to and from court without fear of molestation,” really? Molestation?

The people who “feared molestation” were the vulnerable young children aged between 11 and 17 who were abused time and time again for his sick satisfaction. Dirty nonce!

We encourage all media outlets who have been quick to criticise Tommy of causing predjudice to look very carefully at this article, in fact we emplore them to distribute it in the same way they distributed the “predjudice” angle they were so feverently pushing out to the public. An angle that was totally dismissed by a Judge by the way!

We wont hold our breath.

Vote Tommy!

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