Tommy’s Campaign In Blackpool

by TR News

Tommy took his campaign to Blackpool, and although a local labour MP Chris Webb said that Tommy is not welcome there, the general public of Blackpool thought otherwise. Tommy was applauded, cheered, and greeted because he is a champion of the working-class. Tommy will give the people a voice again, no longer will the fake-news media and ministers of parliament control the narrative. No longer will they say who is and who is not welcome in any area, they do not represent the working-class.

Tommy does!

Tommy during his speech thanked Manchester Police for their help and their protection during his visit, their service is in stark contrast to Cheshire Police, who decided to let people assault Tommy 3 different times while he was in Warrington, no arrests, no protection, no duty of care.

Tommy also made reference to a name that many nowadays have long forgotten, that name is Pym Fortune. Pym was an openly gay Dutchman who was assassinated by a gun-wielding man who shot Pym six times; he was shot in the neck, the chest and head.

The culprit was a left-wing animal rights activist by the name of Volkert van der Graaf who admitted in court his assassination of Pym was because he wanted to stop Pym from exploiting Muslims as scapegoats. Pym like Tommy, was no shrinking violet when it came to exposing Islamic doctrines, texts and cultures that had an adverse affect on his country’s populous. And like Tommy, he didn’t hate all Muslims; however, the Dutch media portrayed it as if he did.

Despite the threats made against Tommy’s life, despite the violent, agitation of the far-left and some in the Muslim community, despite another Osman warning from the police, Tommy’s campaign will carry on, he wants to make a difference, you can help him do that!

Vote Tommy


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