Tommy Visits Wigan

by TR News

On the 13th of May, Tommy visited Wigan and Wigan did not disappoint. Again the reception Tommy had was nothing short of jubilant; finally, Wiganers had someone who would have their backs.

The Labour Party has held Wigan since 1918, its a town that has been labelled as the most miserable based off of social media posts on Facebook. Well, we all know how truthful Facebook is, don’t we?

Tommy didn’t see any misery or depression, he looked and found an energised and expectant crowd who were cheering him on, knowing that someone from the working-class is finally going to fight for their corner, Labour has forgotten Wigan, and Wigan will always remember that.

Lisa Nandy the local MP for the area has generally voted for more integration into the European Union; she was a remainer who lost sight of her constituency.

Tommy, on the other hand, bought some lighthearted pragmatism and put some fire in the locals who have been let down, forgotten, neglected and taken advantage of by Labour for a century. Now its time for a real working-class revolution. Wiganers know they don’t have to vote the same ways as their mothers and fathers, their grandfathers and grandmothers, its time for a change, Tommy represents that change.

Wigan has become part of a new revolutionary political movement, one that Tommy is leading; he is charging straight towards the EU with the support of all those who stand with him, those who want to see a politicians answer for their failures.

Wiganers are proud people, they can make a difference on the 23rd, and by the looks of it, they will.

Its the end of pompous politics as we know it, we are fed up with the political status quo, the change is here, all you have to do is….

Vote Tommy!


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