Tommy Visits Middleton

by TR News

As Tommy continues with his campaign in the North West, he popped into Middleton. As Tommy addressed the crowd, he talked about a two-tier policing system whereby it seems to be ok for someone to assault him, yet if he were to drop even a bit of litter, the police would almost certainly arrest him for that.

Political violence is ok as long as Tommy is the target, different rules when it comes to other politicians though!

It’s not just Tommy though; his wife has been told by the police that they had sufficient intelligence to warn her against acid attacks, his kids have been targeted as well. Can you imagine the stress and the fear they endure daily?

As Tommy was speaking, he noticed a “professional cameraman” who stood nearby. Tommy challenged him and asked who he worked for; the cameraman told Tommy he works for Mercury Press And Media. It should come as no surprise that they also do a lot of PR work as well which you will find on their website. Tommy challenged the cameraman because the press always looks to set Tommy and his supporters up for a fall. An elderly Muslim woman with her son was close to the crowd, no doubt the cameraman was after a photo that would be posted with another garbage headline, something like, “Tommy Robinson Supporters Racially Abuse Muslim Woman And Her Son.”

Tommy is fully aware of the dirty tricks the so-called press engages in. There doesn’t need to be any “racial abuse”, there only needs to be a picture giving the “appearance” of one.

Remember the days of Tommy supporters putting their hands in the air, the far-left and their cohorts in the media would add a sensational headline like, “Tommy Supporters Give Nazi Salutes.”

Don’t be an unwitting prop and fall for the dirty tricks of the far-left and their media friends. Take a video of them, hold their feet to the fire and help push back their disingenuous narratives. We should exopse them for the Fake-News they are!

But most importantly of all, vote Tommy!


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