Tommy Visits Bolton

by TR News

Tommy popped in to see the great people of Bolton on the 11th, again travelling into a working-class estate so he can give his message to the forgotten, ignored, neglected and downtrodden folk who have been consistently let down by the British political class.

Tommy spoke about his experiences in Luton, the effects of Muslim grooming gangs and Islamic extremists on his community, and how he had to speak out about it. It was only when he spoke to people from different parts of the country that he found others all over the UK were experiencing what he has in Luton.

Tommy then realised that Luton was just a blueprint for the rest of the UK, he doesn’t want the UK to become a backward, intolerant Islamist shithole that persecutes anyone who doesn’t follow their creed.

Bolton has predominantly been a Labour stronghold however they have lost seven seats in recent local elections, an indicator that the people of Bolton know Labour are useless and ineffective.

58% of Bolton voted to leave the EU and its clear that neither Labour or the Conservative Party can carry out the wishes of the people. Toffee nosed Conservatives, and the champagne-swilling socialists of the Labour party are too invested in staying in Europe, for their benefit.

The people of Bolton know that with Tommy, their voices will reverberate through the halls of the European Union. Where the duopoly majority parties have failed, Tommy will not because his agenda is your agenda.

Vote Tommy!


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