Tommy Visits Birkenhead

by TR News

Tommy visited Birkenhead in Wirral on the 12th, and as usual, the media put out articles on behalf of their left-wing political friends stating how unwelcome he was and that they don’t need racist, white supremacists and bigots visiting “their” town.

Local Labour councillor Julie McManus allegedly had people asking her who Tommy was? Her answer was unsurprisingly negative, can’t think why that might be?

To Julie and according to all the many people she spoke to about him, they decided Tommy wasn’t their cup of tea. She expected a “strong response” to Tommy’s visit with organised counter-demonstrators. Just the thought of unwashed hydrophobic socialists coming out to play repeating their incantations of “Racist” and “Nazi” sends shivers down the spine.

As you can see by the video, Tommy was yet again met with nothing but love and appreciation, the sort of appreciation you get from people who have been forgotten, neglected and taken for granted by the Labour party. Now they have someone who will fight for them and represent the working-class, let’s face it Julie the Labour party hasn’t.

Tommy has awakened the silent majority, all the local people of Birkenhead feel energised, excited and happy to push Tommy’s message out to their friends and family.

It looks like Birkenhead will be voting for Tommy now Julie, it seems that your scaremongering has failed miserably, your voice has been ignored, great job!

Vote Tommy!


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