Tommy Tastes FREEDOM!

by TR News
Tommy Tastes Freedom!

At long last, finally, Tommy tastes FREEDOM!

Tommy just wanted to get a quick message out to you all as he was leaving Belmarsh Prison.

Although Tommy is glad to be out of Belmarsh Category A Prison, he has had plenty of time to reflect. How can anyone justify sending someone to prison for five months for a CIVIL OFFENCE that had NO EFFECT on a child grooming case?

Tommy wants to thank EVERYONE for their support, for the postcards, for the emails he has received, he’s coming home with FOURTEEN bags of letters!

He also wants to thank EVERYONE for getting out there and making a noise on his behalf, fighting his corner, and letting the establishment know how corrupt they are, it is very humbling.

Tommy also wanted to thank the Belmarsh governor who has been very supportive during his time there, as have the staff. His experience in Belmarsh was a million miles away from what he had to endure during his political incarceration at Onley.

For now, Tommy is going back to his beautiful wife and kids to spend some quality time with them as he should.

God bless you all for your continued support.


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