Tommy Supporting Hatun Tash At Speakers Corner

by TR News

Surrounded by love and encouraged by freedom of speech activists. Tommy Supporting Hatun Tash At Speakers Corner this Sunday.


Love The Hate

Last Sunday we all witnessed an appalling assault on a small, but strong, smart and vocal Christian woman, a woman who stands on the front line of freedom of speech, a woman renowned for her advocacy of truth-telling and Islam critique.

That woman is Hatun Tash from DCCI Ministries (Defend Christ, Critique Islam).

The man who attacked Hatun caused her to become unconscious or at least semi-conscious after he struck her (with force in the face). Eventually, he was taken away by police. The message this “woman beating scumbag” delivered was simple – don’t criticise or satirise Islam, Muhammed or Muslims, if you do you will be attacked, you will get hurt, take our threats seriously – BE SILENT!

Freedom Of Speech?

Truth And Love Trumps Hate

Hatun has had to endure many assaults, threats, intimidation and bullying from thin-skinned followers of “the religion of peace”, she is prepared to sacrifice herself for her beliefs and for her god-given right to speak freely. To think that large bearded Muslim men are so offended and intimidated by her courage and her knowledge means only one thing.

She is right; they are scared of truth-telling; they are weak. The Islamic religion has millions of followers who behave like infants, who can’t accept opposing opinions, who can’t and won’t allow the truth getting out there. Millions of people who have the emotional maturity of a spoilt infant.

Islam is a religion of the perpetually offended, the religion of perpetual violence, intimidation, murder and terrorism.


Because Allah and Muhammad ordained it so!

Western nations are rooted in Christianity and acknowledge freedom of speech as a human right, not just a god-given right. Perhaps it’s about time Muslims understand, respect and accept this fact? We will not be bullied, coerced, intimidated, silenced or attacked for speaking freely and honestly about Islam and Muhammad.

On Sunday the 1st of November Tommy will go to speakers corner, he will arrive sometime from 11am to show his support for his friend Hatun, he will bring chocolates and flowers to her to show solidarity and promote freedom of speech.

To coin a phrase – silence is violence!

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