Tommy Robinson NEEDS Your Help

by TR News

As Tommy campaigns to become an MEP in the North West of England he needs your help!

During the campaign, Tommy has had to endure physical assaults, ongoing “credible” death threats to both him and his family, media lies and bias with unrelenting propaganda thrown in for good measure.


Because Tommy is effective, he threatens the political “status quo” and their cohorts in the establishment media. The far-left with their radical Muslim brothers also attack Tommy every which way they can. The more they can delay, the more they can defame and slander, the more pressure they can exert on Tommy is better for them. Its time for them to feel the squeeze!

Tommy has had to hire a 24-hour security detail to keep him safe, on top of that he has a shortfall of cash to purchase more leaflets. Tommy needs to get 3 million more leaflets delivered into the North West community so he can make the electorate aware of who he is, but perhaps, more importantly, to make them know he is not the person the media portray him to be.

Tommy is a working-class lad, from a working-class town, with working-class problems and extreme radical Islamic issues. Tommy has the full might of the political and media elites working against him 24/7, its a burden he carries well, with your help and support.

Let’s not forget that “after” 5 months of being exonerated by the court of appeal for charges of contempt of court, he now has to go back and answer to the same charge? Is it any coincidence these charges have been brought again during the course of him running for MEP in the North West?

We don’t think so.

He rattles the government; they should be rattled!

The working-class has working-class problems, Champagne Socialists from the Labour Party won’t do anything about it, the snooty sneering toffs of the Conservative Party won’t do anything about it either. The two-party duopoly that controls the majority of the British Parliament have done nothing for the working-class; they have taken them for granted and forgotten them completely. They are worse than useless; they don’t care about you.

Tommy won’t let the working-class be ignored any more because he is working-class. He loves the real people of this nation, not some plastic virtue-signalling snob from the establishment left or right. Tommy does care about you.

Please donate what you can no matter how big or how small. Tommy relies on your help because he won’t get any from political donors, it’s you, the real people of this nation, the backbone of this nation, who can help Tommy get into the EU parliament. Once he is there, he will light a fire under their backsides on your behalf; he will do that with a big smile on his face.

Tommy doesn’t want a wage from the EU; he will happily donate ALL of his EU wages to victims of grooming gangs so they can receive the professional help they need to get their lives back on track. That’s the honour of a man whos not in it for money; he’s in it for the people.

Help Tommy help our communities.

Help him, donate to him, vote for him and make a difference!

Please visit this link –

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