Tommy Robinson Arrested In Barrow While Reporting

by TR News

Tommy has spent some time investigating allegations of an alleged grooming gang. Tommy Robinson Arrested In Barrow While Reporting

Arrested While Doing His Job

Yesterday Tommy was following up on some leads that would help his investigation into allegations of a grooming gang operating in Barrow. While he was in Hollywood Park car park, a man allegedly approached him while he was talking to a person of interest. The man allegedly called Tommy a racist, then spat in his face.

During this coronavirus pandemic spitting in someone’s face could end up being a death sentence. Tommy reacted as anyone would when someone allegedly spits in your face. The person of interest who was talking to Tommy at the time confirmed this allegation of spitting on social media.

After Tommy took defensive measures, the alleged spitter was knocked off his bike. Tommy then spent some time telling the alleged spitter how wrong it is to spit at someone, especially during a pandemic. It has been reported that the suspected spitter sustained an injury after spitting at Tommy.

TR.News found a private group on Facebook that seems to have been set up for precisely this kind of confrontation?

Facebook Group Set Up To Spit On Tommy Robinson

When Tommy left the scene, he and others who were travelling with him travelled to an address to meet another person of interest. While carrying out his duty as an investigative reporter, Police swarmed his vehicle and arrested the lads working with him. Tommy then exited the property of the person of interest and was also arrested.

Tommy was uncovering and unravelling the complicated and at times contradictory allegations of a grooming gang operating in Barrow. We can confirm that Tommy, as of now, is still in custody, he is being held on three different charges.

We will update you as and when more news comes in.

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