Tommy In Court For Preventing Paedophile Escape

by TR News

Bedfordshire Police acted on a statement given to them by an alleged nonce (child molester). Tommy In Court For Preventing Paedophile Escape!

Pandering To Paedophiles

Tommy, his wife, kids and close friends went on a day trip to Centre Parcs for a fun-filled day of activities and swimming. Unfortunately for Tommy, and more importantly, for his eight-year-old daughter, the day turned out to be a nightmare.

Tommy’s daughter was playing in the swimming pool at Centre Parcs, a middle-aged man walked towards her, groped her backside, then walked off, not looking at her or speaking to her as he did it. Tommy’s daughter did the right thing; she went straight to her dad and told him what the man did to her.

The video above details what happened that day and how Bedfordshire Police failed an eight-year-old victim who was groped by an alleged nonce (child molester). Tommy, rather than going straight to a physical confrontation, challenged the man, asking him if he was with a partner and kids, the man replied – he wasn’t with a partner or kids of his own. Tommy then asked the man if he had grabbed his daughters bum. The man replied that he did grab his daughters bum – “by mistake”.

The alleged nonce (child molester) tried to escape the scene of a potential crime, so Tommy prevented him from escaping. The alleged nonce (child molester) attempted to push past Tommy, and a physical fracas ensued, the “would be nonce” (child molester) ended up with a bleeding nose. Bedfordshire Police then arrested Tommy on suspicion of causing ABH injuries, that charge was later “downgraded” to “common assault”.

Tommy has to attend Luton Magistrate Court on the 15th of May at 10.00am because an alleged nonce (child molester) complained about the “minor injury” he “suffered” while attempting to leave the scene of an alleged crime – a sexual assault on a minor.

Confirmation Of Court Hearing

Confirmation Of Court Hearing


We are in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic lockdown which has been extended for three weeks. Dominic Raab advised the British public of these extended restrictions on the 16th of April. Three weeks from the 16th brings us up to the 7th of May, which means that Tommy would love to hear your support at Luton Magistrates Court on the 15th of May from 10.00am.

If for any reason there are difficulties due to more “extended” coronavirus restrictions and you have already made plans remember you have the legal right to one form of exercise a day alone or with members of your household. You are also allowed to exercise outside of your home and walk your dog. Don’t forget to mask up, wear protective gloves and keep two metres apart.

Click this link HERE for a map of the area.

Hope to see you all at Luton Magistrates Court on the 15th from 10.00am!

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