Tommy Goes To Stockport

by TR News

Today Tommy and the crew went to Stockport, not to visit any wine bars, not to eat at any fancy restaurant and take a picture with a baby, no, he went right into the heartland of the working class.

Tommy went straight into a working-class estate, highlighting the fact that minority groups are excelling with political support while generations of locals are forgotten and neglected by establishment politicians, politicians that have no idea what it’s like to be working-class, they have no idea of the struggles of the working class, they don’t give a damn about the working-class, they care only about themselves and the voting block who keep them in power.

Tommy loves our country, he loves the people of this country, give Tommy the chance to make a difference, get him elected Stockport and send a message of defiance to the ruling political elites, you will be forgotten no longer!

Vote Tommy!


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