Tommy And His Wife Threatenend With Assassination

by TR News

EXCLUSIVE – Tommy and his wife threatened with assassination again which the Police are now looking into.

Another Threat – Another Nutjob

Just imagine having your life continually threatened by members of the religion of peace. Let’s not forget; those ever so peaceful and tolerant lefties love to doxx Tommy and his families whereabouts whenever they can in the hope of a violent encounter.

Tommy speaks about issues that Muhammadans don’t like because they find it insulting to their god, their prophet and their community. What some members of the religion of peace see and hear from Tommy gives them a religious justification to kill him. Who knew truth could be so liberating?

Look at the “highlighted” translations from Arabic into English.

Tony The Hitman

Tony, the hitman, uploaded a video onto YouTube saying that Tommy would die within two weeks. It sounds like he wants to shoot Tommy dead, and he’s being paid for those services.

Police Priorities

Tommy has only been out of Belmarsh prison four days, and no doubt he will receive ANOTHER Osman warning. But all said and done, how does that help Tommy and his family? All these Osman warnings and ZERO arrests of ANYONE who threatened to kill him, his wife or his kids. NOBODY has been prosecuted for these crimes.

During the time Tommy was running as an MEP, he was punched and assaulted and NOT ONE person was ever arrested, charged or prosecuted for their actions, NOT ONE!

Ok so its probably going to be another Osman warning in the post. But really, what good are they when people who punch, assault and threaten to kill him, his wife and his kids are NEVER brought to justice?

Tommy defending himself or protecting his wife makes front-page news and is usually followed up with a visit from the Police with some kind of legal repercussion.

They say “justice is blind” well, yes, justice is blind, it’s blind as a bat when it comes to anything bad happening to Tommy Robinson.

When Tommy Robinson fights back though, the eyes of justice are wide open.

Oh and the videos above dont seem to violate YouTubes community standards either.

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