Threats To Rape Or Posing With A Gun?

by TR News

Tommy has continually pointed out that we live in a two-tier justice system, and that our police forces apply a form of two-tier policing. Threats to rape or posing with a gun? Here’s the proof.

British Police Looking Up The Ass Of Islam

British Police Looking Up The Ass Of Islam

Apostacy Incites Hysterical Rape Threats

A Muslim man who broadcast his conversion and baptism into the Christian faith caused Zaheer Hussain an apostacy outrage. He decided to use his smartphone and issue threats of rape, a standard operating procedure for many sensitive Muslims who are “passionate” about their faith.

Zaheer was arrested “on suspicion of religiously aggravated harassment” because he said:

We’re gonna fuck you up the arse; we’re gonna come to fucking [place name], and we’re gonna fuck you, fuck you up the [unintelligible].”

While saying these incredibly tolerant and peaceful things, he simulates an act of sodomy/rape as he sits in the taxi with his mate.

Zaheer followed that up with:

“Why you fuking converting for [sic], you motherfuckers? Huh? Why you fucking — why would you want to become a Christian? You fucking [unintelligible] shit motherfuckers.”

A Christian woman who watched the video made a complaint to the police saying:

“It frightens me now to identify myself as a Christian to someone that I don’t know.”

She went onto say that it was:

“Sad that I have to hide my religion. This man’s dangerous views on something so normal like people changing religions is unacceptable, she added.

His threats to sexually assault those who convert to Christianity is the heart of hate speech.

To me, he is displaying extremist tendencies and is encouraging violence.

I’m genuinely concerned for the welfare of the public who may not be aware of his extreme views.”

Everyone should know by now that the punishment for Muslims leaving their religion under sharia law is DEATH. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that Zaheer made outrageous, violent threats about someone who left the Islamic faith.

Four other men from Preston voluntarily attended a police station were also questioned under caution in connection with the incident.

Apostacy And Muslims Eh?

Apostacy And Muslims Eh?

Nothing Wrong With Rape Threats

Lancashire Constabulary and the Crown Prosecution Services decided after investigating the incident that no further action would be taken. The reasons explained by Lancashire police was that Zaheer Hussain did not intend for the video to be shared beyond a small number of people in a private WhatsApp group.

Here’s the clincher, the AMAZING part of the investigation – and despite numerous exhaustive enquiries, police were unable to determine how the video got distributed beyond that “private” group and by whom?

Therefore there was no evidence to prove Zaheer had any intention to incite or stir up religious hatred amongst the general public.

A separate offence for sending “a grossly offensive/indecent or menacing message by a public communication network” was put to the Crown Prosecution Service. They decided such a charge did not meet the evidential test for a criminal offence.

So, to break this down simplistically. A Muslim man makes a vile video threatening rape because an apostate from Islam triggered him to do it. The video got out into the public domain after it was sent into a “PRIVATE” group. If it was only sent to a PRIVATE WhatsApp group, then someone from the PRIVATE WhatsApp group must have uploaded it, published it and made it PUBLIC!

Never mind the fact these comments were disgusting, hate-filled, Anti-Christian and espoused violent actions towards Muslims who leave their faith. Never mind the fact the video was published and made public by someone who HAD TO BE IN THE PRIVATE GROUPZERO arrests were made.

You can find the reasons for the CPS and police conclusions HERE.

Obviously, Sherlock Holmes has left Lancaster Constabulary, and the CPS has been infiltrated by dumb social justice warriors who regularly attend trade union free Palestine demonstrations.

Sorry For Hating Apostates And Christians

Here is a video of Zaheers apology.

Unfortunately Zaheer you may say:

“I’m really sorry for the offence caused.

I’ve got nothing against Christians. I’ve got a lot of Christian friends. I was brought up with Christians.

I went to school with Christian friends, and I play football with them on a regular basis.

They will vouch for me, that I’ve never done anything like this before.”

The fact is behind Zaheer’s “Christian friends” backs, in PRIVATE with his Muslim mates, he is happy to make vile, violent rape threats against those who leave his religion. He is also happy to promote hatred towards Christianity and Christians. Perhaps Zaheer, you are only sorry for being caught out!

Narrated Um Kulthum bint `Uqba:

That she heard Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) saying, “He who makes peace between the people by inventing good information or saying good things, is not a liar.”

Hadith Of Lies

Just Lie And Make Things Good!

Meanwhile Back On Planet Justice

“Dizzie Lizzie Deardren” of the toilet roll substitute, the “Independent”, published an article about a man named Jay Davidson. Now Jay posted photos on Instagram of himself holding up what is supposed to be a fake double-barrel shotgun on a PRIVATE Instagram account.

Police were alerted after screenshots of Jay holding the supposedly fake firearm were posted to a WhatsApp group later that day. Dizzie Lizzie reported that Jay had posted about Aryans and wrote “heil, heil, heil” in a series of Instagram posts. The photos he posted with the apparent fake shotgun also had captions of “Fuck Allah”.

Jay apparently also posted:

“Ever seen a white man cut a head off? No, because they’re f***ing scum. Heil, heil, heil, heil, f*** Allah c***
When has an Aryan cut another man’s head off?”

Jay was arrested days after the post and was found guilty of stirring up racial and religious hatred. Prosecutors said his comments urged people to “stand up” and contained phrases associated with Nazism and white supremacy.

Jenny Hopkins from the Crown Prosecution Service said that:

“The material Davison posted was clearly threatening, abusive and insulting. His intention can only have been to stir up religious and racial hatred.

His defence that he regretted his actions and was drunk was rejected by the jury.

This is a warning to people that posting material online can have damaging consequences for them offline.”

Just to be absolutely clear on this, we are not defending idiots who use language as Jay has, who takes pictures of himself standing with a fake shotgun, posting references to white supremacy and National Socialism. We won’t and never will defend that, it’s retarded. HOWEVER, the duplicity in how the law has been applied here is astonishing.

Jay Guilty Of Being A Div

Jay Guilty Of Being A Complete Div, Didnt Threaten Rape

Two-Tier Policing – Two-Tier justice

Just juxtapose these two cases. One is about a retarded Muslim, agitated and outraged by a fellow Muslim leaving the tolerant fold of Islam for Christianity. He then makes a PRIVATE video depicting a violent sexual assault while hating on Christians.

NO CHARGE, NOTHING TO SEE HERE said Lancaster Constabulary and the Crown Prosecution Services. NO CRIME COMMITTED!

Then a drunk, if not another retarded individual, post’s stupidity online with references to Fuck Allah while holding a supposedly fake shotgun, IN A PRIVATE GROUP.

He gets arrested, his apology is not accepted, his defence is not believed, and he is now serving a FOUR YEAR PRISON SENTENCE!

Perhaps if he was a MUSLIM, posting comments in a PRIVATE group with MUSLIM friends he would have got away with it?

You can read more about Jay’s case HERE and HERE.

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