WATCH: This is why I need to THANK the police

by Avi Yemini

In my last video, I showed you how a couple of massive bullies tried and failed miserably in their efforts to intimidate me from doing my job at the climate strike rally on Friday. However, I left out the crucial ending because it deserves its own video. This is that video and it is why I need to thank the police.

A few minutes after the two rather large blokes walked up started yelling at me, they posted this on Facebook:

They seemed pretty chuffed with their excellent work and pushed their ‘morally superior’ fans to go and vote for their upcoming event at Melbourne’s fringe festival.

I wonder how they’ll react if some opposition attends their event at the festival to give them a taste of their own medicine — just saying.

Shortly after, I posted what REALLY happened, and it certainly wasn’t just “a little bit of light conversation” as they put it, nor was it just ONE “Yardie” passing by. It was two really BIG boys trying to utilise their size to bully me out of doing my job.

Yes, my job. Probably a word that’s missing from their vocabulary.

BTW I don’t work for Rebel as they claimed… most of what they write and say about me is fake news. But regarding this specific issue, I work for TR NEWS which is funded by you guys (and thank you! – if you also want to be part of that funding too. God knows we need it). But my point is, my job is literally covering these sorts of events.

You don’t have to like my work, and you can even hate it. But it’s my job, it’s what I do to feed my family, and I enjoy it. Most importantly, it’s absolutely legal, and it is my right to do as is your right to let me know you disapprove. I’m always happy to engage, debate or just cop some abuse. But there’s a line.

The moment you stop me from being able to do my job, then obviously something has to be done to ensure I can get on with my work or my job can’t get done.

But these clowns got very triggered once they realised how many people saw them for the big gutless bullies they actually are.

So they decided to try re-write what happened. Y’know, like lefties love to do.

The head of this Yelling Against Racist Dogs jumped on Facebook to say:

Well, y’all saw what their definition of “yarn” is; Apparently, it means tormentors who are trying to intimidate using their size but then cowering like little girls the moment their mark steps up to their threats.

I didn’t need police protection. I just needed the ‘heavyweights’ to stop disrupting my interviews.

The truth is, I had a few options when they kept following me and screaming at anyone I tried to engage.

    1. I could have put them to sleep, but then I’d have been locked up – so my paid JOB of capturing the event would not have been completed. That kinda takes that option away.
    2. I tried to engage but that didn’t work.
    3. I tried walking away and that didn’t work either.

So I gave them a warning that they made clear they were going to ignore.

I was left with one viable option; I walked up to the great boys in blue. And glad to say, they were good coppers. They knew what I do, and they knew I never start trouble. They understood that like any media – whether you like them or not – I was merely there to cover the event.

In the video at the top of this article, you watch Police telling me they’ll pull them up so I can continue to do my work.

Problem solved. And the bonus, I got some pretty great footage of a couple of cowards to make my clip even more exciting – so thank you, lads.

But things started to get weird when these “Yardies” started to cop a heap of flack online for being exposed for what they really are; they tried to justify their cowardly behaviour by claiming they were just stopping me from humiliating children.

They know I wasn’t interviewing children. They could see I was only interviewing the adults who were there exploiting children.

Hell, they walked up and confronted me while I was engaging a fully grown man.

But in their little world, I’m somehow the one obsessed with them.

Those guys are just typical schoolyard bullies who cried victim the moment they got caught out. But their actions have incited other “brave” keyboard warriors to make bold statements online.

I know they’re all talk, but let me make something clear: Self-defence laws here in Australia, allow me to take option one (you know, putting you to sleep) the moment you put my physical safety at risk. Remember that.

I’m a pretty disciplined and patient individual, but don’t confuse that with weakness.

When you’re all talk, or “yell”, like these idiots were, I will continue to rely on good Police to do their jobs, so I can continue to do mine.

I’m taking this opportunity to thank the police officers there on Friday for handling these stalkers flawlessly.

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