The WHO is sending investigators to China

by Avi Yemini

The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed they are sending investigators to China to ‘look into’ Covid-19’s origin. Meanwhile, scientists from around the world have been conducting independent investigations. Results so far range from suspicious to damning for China.

China’s Puppet

Apart from China, no one is more guilty than the World Health Organization. It was quite evident before Covid-19 that China is not to be trusted. Now, the WHO falls into the same category.

Until recently, the United States was by far the most significant funder to the UN organisation.

The WHO mandate seems somewhat positive––dealing with world health issues.

But when Covid-19 hit the world, beginning with China, the WHO started acting as a mouthpiece for the communist government.

In January, the CCP wouldn’t allow the WHO to enter China to investigate. Meanwhile, they were repeating whatever the Chinese leadership announced regarding the outbreak.

When the WHO’s Director-General finally did meet the Chinese leader, they continued to downplay the emergency. All in line with the CCP narrative. Importantly, this gave the virus time to spread around the globe.

As the body count mounted rapidly, they began changing their narrative. Finally, on the 12 March, the WHO announced it was a pandemic. By then, it was too late.

And still, the WHO continued to support the CCP’s propaganda machine. They praised China for its response to the virus and congratulated them on the ‘transparency’ shown. The WHO seemed hell-bent on presenting China as a model country in the face of a public health emergency.

One announcement read,

In the face of a previously unknown virus, China has rolled perhaps the most ambitious, agile and aggressive disease containment effort in history.”

They continued, unironically, about China having

gained invaluable time for the response… that has averted or delayed hundreds of thousands of cases, protecting the global community…”

This statement would be funny if so many didn’t die as a result.

While the WHO kept having China’s back, China, in turn, promised millions of dollars in funding. At this point, it becomes evident as to the nature of the relationship. So much so, if you want to know what the WHO has to say, check with the CCP.

Renegade Scientists

There have been massive attempts to suppress alternate theories about the origin of Covid-19. Scientists are afraid not to ‘tow the line’. The line is that Coronavirus emerged naturally from bats infecting humans, not from a lab.

Of course, there are so many strange details and ‘coincidences’ that need answering.

For instance, the location of where the virus started was right next to 2 research centres, specifically studying Coronavirus. Then there is the fact that the kind of bat that carries the virus, hibernates at that time of year about 850 miles away. Furthermore, Wuhan is not a part of China that commonly consumes bats.

Luckily, some scientists are keen and willing to attain the truth. Recently Bret Weinstein and Yuri Deigin met on a podcast to discuss their findings.

Australian Professor, Clive Hamilton said in an interview that the lab theory was the ‘only plausible explanation’.

Norwegian virologist, Birger Sorensen together with British Professor Angus Dalgleish, released the results of their study that Coronavirus was ‘not natural in origin’ and was ‘lab-made’.

The Media Machine

As compelling as the evidence pointing to Covid-19 being lab-made, these articles get buried under the mainstream narrative. The scientists have been ridiculed and dismissed by a media eager to push their story.

In conclusion, the mainstream media remind us again that we can’t trust them. We cannot trust the WHO or other paid ‘experts’ either. And we definitely cannot trust China.

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